3DShowroom Touch

3DShowroom Touch is simple design software that allows sales personnel to showcase available stone options for countertops, backsplashes and floors. As a stone dealer you’ll receive the greatest return-on-investment with 3d Showroom Touch by using 42 inch computer screens in your showroom together with stone displays to immerse the customer in the stone selection experience.

Stone products showcase

Many potential stone purchasers are uncertain about stone selection for their kitchen or bathroom - 3DShowroom helps solve this problem.  With 3DShowroom a sales person can easily recreate a client’s kitchen or bathroom, and display different stone options for their countertop, backsplash and floor.

Sales leads generation

While you show different stone options to your clients, 3DShowroom saves the client’s name, email address and data regarding their favorite stone, stone colors and stone edges into your potential client database.

Sync with Inventory

3DShowroom only displays products that are in your inventory. When new products are added to your inventory they are automatically added to your 3DShowroom.