Difference between 3D Walkthrough and Flythrough Animation

Diffrent between 3d animation walkthrough vs flethrough Animation


When you observe an impressive image of a country house by the water or a skyscraper in the middle of the city streets, don’t you want to visit it right away to take a closer look, explore inside and out? A 3D walkthrough and flythrough animation make it possible. Let’s learn more about these emerging technologies – what are those, and what’s the difference between them.

Nowadays one of the best approaches towards getting a sense of property development is to see it for yourself. 3D walkthrough animation enables you to do so. Want to know how all the design elements will be combined? Or want to see how the building will fit into the surroundings? Or want to see how the building will fit into the surroundings? Or perhaps you have changed your mind about the colors of walls? With 3D animation, you can amend or make all of these decisions in real-time. Learn more about 3D Animation and our services.

So, what is the difference between these two terms? 

In fact, names speak for themselves. The viewer “flies” or “walks” through the architectural object. But, that is not all.

Architectural walkthrough

With an architectural walkthrough, the observer can see the space at eye level. That is, you are walking through the rooms with the feeling of being directly within. You can see all the details of the property including detailed wall colors and textures, floor designs, lighting features. Architectural 3D walkthrough animation allows you to experience the ambiance, the layout as well as decor. The only difference with the reality is that sometimes, the structure that you want to explore might be under construction.

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Architectural flythrough

As for the architectural flythrough, the customer captures the entire project from a bird’s eye view and receives information not only about the interior, but also has the chance to inspect the house from the outside – at any height and distance. Furthermore, by the means of 3D flythrough animation, you can see the territory, street, parking lot, pool near the house, if any, and even the area where the property is located in a 360-degree view. You are now well aware of the general property map, as well as its various structural units.

Summing up

Thus, the main difference between 3D flythroughs and walkthroughs is that the first technique often regards the exterior aspect of a building from above, while the second one mostly involves both interior and exterior components on the eye level.


The importance of technology and visual components cannot be overstated when making a project presentation to the audience. It is the best way to win the hearts and minds of people, by getting close to their emotions and imagination. That’s when 3D walkthroughs and flythroughs come in. Each approach effectively highlights different aspects of the structure in question.

Watching our 3D flythrough and walkthrough videos, you can compare them, choose what you prefer more. Envision your future project by getting to know more about our services. We surely can help you to bring your idea into reality. 

Author of Applet 3D articles. In passion about art, so writing about design, architecture, the animation is a great chance to enjoy my work. Rule of life - set little goals but achieve big results.

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Working with Julie and Emma was a pleasure. They delivered high quality renderings utilizing the exact furnishings we will be using in the model home for our new 26 home project. True professionals and great timely service.
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