Cadogan Multi-family Residential

Anderson Canyon is a small architectural design firm specializing in unique projects throughout Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. Their projects range from high-end residential, to multi-family and mixed use developments, retail, commercial and healthcare.


  The Cadogan rendering looked great. Thanks for your help on this project. We will be forwarding additional projects next week.

  • Anderson Canyon, LLC.

  • 1113 Vine St. Ste. 120 Houston, TX. 77002

  • O. 713.222.0291 C. 713.927.8432


Project Objectives

The customer ordered 3d rendering of Cadogen building for project presentation and sign for the construction site. The company supplied us with the CAD files and color samples. Also client asked for the dusk lightning and lights on the building.

Provided Solutions

Step 1

Technical Information

Step 2

Rough Rendering

Step 3

Final Rendering

Project Team

The team who worked on the project

Stephan P.

3D Artist

Ann M.

Project Manager

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