Single Family Townhome Development

The project team made a beautiful high quality rendering of townhome development on Burr Street in resolution of 6000x4500 pixel and with Houston inherent wonderful blue sky.


  Hey – customer said it "looks built", which I think is the highest compliment they have.

  • Renate Jones Anderson Canyon, LLC.

  • 1113 Vine St. Ste. 120, Houston, TX. 77002

  • O. 713.222.0291 C. 713.927.8432


Project Objectives

The customer ordered 3d rendering of Townsite custom homes for project presentation and sign for the construction site. The company supplied us with the CAD files and color samples. Also client mantioned that typically have kind of harsh/bright quality of light here and, frequently very blue/saturated skies and added that blue in the sky makes the white of the building pop.

Provided Solutions

Step 1

Technical Information

Step 2

Rough Rendering

Step 3

Final Rendering

Project Team

The team who worked on the project

Stephan P.

3D Artist

Ann M.

Project Manager

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