Design tool for a website

The website kitchen designer allows your website visitors to design their kitchen online, comparing how your different stone products will look on their countertops, backsplashes and floors.

Helping in stone selection

Many potential stone purchasers are uncertain about stone selection for their kitchen or bathroom - online 2DShowroom helps solve this problem. With 2D Showroom online your customers can easily recreate their kitchen or then compare different stone options for their countertop, backsplash and floor.

Sales leads generation

While you your website visitors play with 2DShowroom, the program saves the visitor`s name, email address into your client database.

Increase your website traffic

Your website is the same as your showroom - the more time people spend there, the more likely they are to purchase your products. If they want to use stone in their kitchen or bath design, they`ll stay on your site for a significant length of time. In addition, 2DShowroom`s ease of use will encourage your customers to keep coming back to your website, and recommend it to their friends!

Sync with Inventory

2DShowroom online only displays products that are in your inventory. When new products are added to your inventory they are automatically added to your 2DShowroom.

Detailed information about customers

This is a main look of an admin module where you can view customers` information like names, emails and their favorite designs. All this is safely kept here, easy to find and always available. You may any time add additional data, edit the existing one and look through your clients` designs.

Adding products

With the help of the inventory module you may take control of 2D Showroom's filling online. Quickly add the products that you have in stock or remove those which are no longer available.

Program features

2D Showroom's unique interface allows making changes through clicking on separate areas of the kitchen. A color browser will automatically offer the selecting options available for this area.

Color selection

It is possible to select countertop, backsplash and flooring colors. Cabinet styles and finishes, paint on the walls and appliance may also be different.

Save/Open project options

Your client may save his project in order to keep it or a bit later open it and edit.

Email design

2D Showroom allows printing previously saved or newly made projects for your client could show it to somebody or even recommend this tool

Email design

Kitchen projects may be immediately sent to friends', relatives' or any other email addresses.

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