It`s free software for stone distributors, fabricators and manufacturers. With EasyStoneShop you can manage inventory, track jobs, make estimation and even project visualization.

Wireless Warehouse

EasyStoneShop software can help you manage your stone shop. The EasyStoneShop system offers you the capability to do inventory, job tracking, estimation and design visualization and other inventory and sales functions, and it`s easy to network or include on websites. Find out more at EasyStoneShop.com


EasyStoneShop calendar is an outstanding way to schedule tasks since the calendar is directly connected to all jobs. When a job is created your staff can begin to schedule tasks, including: templating, cutting, edging, polishing and installation. The calendar is color coded, and can be filtered by tasks and resources, making schedule management simple. Find out more at EasyStoneShop.com


EasyStoneShop allows you to take a job and follow it through. Find out more at

Project Visualisation

One of the most amazing features of EasyStoneShop is project visualization. The software`s different tools will help to engage your customers in the buying process. With these tools you can create a visualization of a client`s kitchen or bathroom and display how different stone materials will look in their home. EasyStoneShop can also offer design solutions for websites and for the iPad. Find out more at EasyStoneShop.com


EasyStoneShop has many add-on programs that can help your business operate more efficiently. In the add-ons section you will find programs for your website, showroom and even for mobile devices. All add-ons can synchronize with the inventory functions. Find out more at EasyStoneShop.com

Easy & Free

EasyStoneShop surpasses all previous ERP software by being Easy to Start, Easy to Use & Free. Now a company needs to spend less than 5 minutes to start work with EasyStoneShop. Also the user interface is very simple and clear. To start working with other ERP systems a company needs to spend weeks to setup expensive servers and hire IT personnel, at the same time the user interfaces of other systems are complicated and require lots of time to study. Find out more at EasyStoneShop.com

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