Online Inventory

Online Inventory is a website application that allows you to do product demonstrations using the products you have in inventory. It has been specifically designed for stone distributors and fabricators and requires no special web skills to add or remove products. One of Online Inventory’s most powerful features is that it can collect your website visitor’s names, email addresses, favorite stones and stone colors and put them into your client database.

Sales Leads Generation

Each time a website visitor uses Online Inventory it stores their name and email address into your client database. In addition, Online Inventory will save the products your web visitors consider their favorites!

User Friendly Interface

With Online Inventory you won’t need a professional web designer to add or remove stone products to the Online Inventory because the user interface is designed so anyone can do it.

1000 quality stone photos

Online Inventory ‘s photo library contains approximately 1000 high-quality photos of stone slabs that can be used in your Online Inventory.

Sync with Inventory

Online Inventory only displays products that are in your inventory. When new products are added to your inventory they are automatically added to your Online Inventory.

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