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Rendering in Interior Design Interior


Interior design rendering is a tool that guarantees the success of a project of any complexity and type. The development of quality design requires a clear and impressive presentation for both clients and investors. The keypoint of any design is aesthetic appeal, compliance with functional needs, and the ability of people to feel comfortable. However, these aspects cannot be expressed in words or shown in diagrams and pictures. Render interior design makes it possible to accurately convey all the features of the design such as space, shapes, texture, color, lighting, lines, patterns, furniture, and so on. In addition, with the help of rendering design, you can easily work out various options for placing lighting sources, decorations, furniture, and color solutions of objects used in the interior. A high-quality interior design render will help the designer eliminate all possible misunderstandings with the client before the start of the project, which will speed up the process of design approval and avoid further mistakes in the work. Whether you are looking for ways to impress your client or want to be one step ahead of the competition, 3D interior design rendering is exactly what you need. Why? Keep reading to find out the answer. 

3D rendering interior design: Key takeaways

  • It is an essential marketing solution that helps you to increase the value of your design project;
  • Very convenient, cost-effective, and immersive design tool;
  • Allows you to optimize the design process and guarantees the desired result;
  • Helps in identifying design flaws;
  • Lets you make edits in real time;
  • Accuracy and detail of interior renderings
  • Helps you create stunning presentations.

What is rendering interior design?

Interior design rendering is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of space as close to reality as possible. Thanks to the use of specialized 3D modeling and visualization programs, simple 2D floor plans are transformed into 3D designs with the most realistic details. Design render allows you to see the future appearance of the home, office, shopping center, hotel, or other premises at the stage of project development. The key difference between a rendered interior design and a sketch is that it allows you to consider in detail all the components of the design in the correct sizes and proportions, with real colors, and with the correct textures. It accurately reflects the designer’s idea, including the location of structural components, materials, furniture, and decor in the proposed space. Rendering interiors also allows you to understand all the features of the available space, texture, lighting, and how different elements of the interior will be combined with each other. Photorealistic interior architecture rendering creates the effect of presence for the viewer. You can visually assess the overall look of the design and touch each element of the interior.

This innovative digital tool for interior creators provides a better level of communication between designer and customer, facilitating the involvement of clients in the creative process, and letting them give clear feedback on what they want. The interior designer can add or edit textures, materials, and any other interior details in real-time during the discussion, which allows the client to see the full picture from the very beginning and stay confident in the final result. Using rendering for interior design, the designer can develop or offer the client several design options with different colors, textures, or finishes; develop the interior of the room in different styles. Interior design renderings can be created both in daylight and at night, in different weather conditions, from different angles, and so on. This is a great way to foresee any potential design flaws before the start of construction and avoid any misunderstandings with clients.

Where is design rendering used?

  1. Interior design
  2. Architecture
  3. Furniture design
  4. Real estate industry
  5. Marketing and advertising
  6. Entertainment industry.

Each of these industries will benefit from the use of the interior design 3D rendering service. Special effects in movies, marketing ads on banners and various platforms, development of furniture design and its demonstration in the finished interior, presentations for attracting investment and selling real estate – all this is possible with design render.

Interesting fact…

Rendering designs are popular among major brands, such as IKEA. Few people know, but such attractive pictures of interiors in general and accessories in particular, are the CGI technique. Here, you can easily trace the main advantage of this technique – attracting potential customers. Who doesn’t want to go to the store right away or find themselves in these comfortable rooms, looking at such photo-realistically images? Trying to best present their furniture, IKEA creates beautiful room renders. Learn more about how IKEA and other famous brands use 3D rendering in our article about Photorealistic rendering.

Why 3D rendering for interior design may be useful for you?

As we have already mentioned, accuracy and detail are the main advantages of interior design 3D rendering. Realistic interior renders are able to convey all the features of the room layout and design elements, such as lighting, color schemes, textures, furniture, appliances, lamps, curtains, carpets, wallpaper, paints, art objects, materials, and even patterns. When developing a design render of the interior, characteristic light and shadows, living shades, weather conditions, and so on are taken into account. The client gets a complete picture of the project, and all his wishes are taken into account and reflected in the image. Thanks to the photorealistic rendering of the interior the client and the designer can be confident in the final result.

Other advantages of interior rendering include:

Time and cost savings. 3D visualization provides effective communication between the designer and the customer. Having received realistic 3D interior design renderings, the client and the designer can see any miscalculations or inaccuracies in the layout and instantly make the necessary changes. Thus, they will be able to approve the final design and proceed to the start of construction work without the risk that something will have to be redone. This saves a lot of time and money.

Personal customization. Interior rendering is also a crucial tool for every professional, as it provides almost unlimited possibilities due to the customization property. 3D programs and libraries with ready-made 3D models allow you to choose different materials, textures, angles, wood species, colors, floors, shading, and other features, and the 3D artist can customize and change all this according to your wishes. This will help to make your concept unique.

Creation of several design options. 3D graphics lets to offer customers several design options, as well as lighting and arrangement. Comparison of different interior concepts, taking into account the characteristics of the room, makes it possible to make a living or work space fully consistent with expectations.

3D interior visualization is an effective marketing and sales tool. Interior design renders are often used to create presentations to demonstrate the idea to the customer and investor. By depicting every micro detail of an interior project, interior design 3D rendering can help you attract attention and investment in your project and positively influence interested buyers. 3D visualization can be used for marketing not only residential but also various industrial and commercial interior projects. You can use ready-made 3D interior renders to showcase your design portfolio on any platform and promote your brand on the market. 

With the help of design rendering, interior designers can develop presentations, 3D animations, virtual reality views, 360-degree panoramic photos and videos, 3D interior walkthroughs and aerial views, and fantastic realistic interior renderings of various types and complexity. Use comprehensive 3D interior rendering services to increase customer satisfaction!

3D rendering services for interior designers

Commercial and residential interior design still renderings

3D rendering interior design can be used in both residential and commercial projects. The most popular interior visualizations of residential properties are kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Housing should be designed taking into account all vital aspects, as people are going to stay in it for a long time. And the interior space has the greatest impact on the people living in the house. Therefore, it should be carefully thought out considering all aesthetic aspects, conveying the atmosphere and comfort, as well as demonstrating the functional features of the house. You need to hire a designer or a company that can design it perfectly and bear in mind all your wishes. This is a challenging task, so interior design rendering services can solve all problems.

For commercial purposes, interior architectural rendering is most often used for restaurant or hotel halls, shopping malls, retail stores, cinemas, as well as workspaces in offices. If you are dealing with commercial projects, interior renderings can help you create stunning presentations to impress potential buyers or investors. Commercial rendering is focused on the development of large projects and will take your business to the next level. This is a universal type of visualization available to everyone.

360 Interior Panorama

Nothing instills a sense of presence in the room better than a 360 interior panorama. The viewer feels as if he or she is in the middle of the room and can view the interior from all around. There is also an opportunity to go from one room to another, to zoom in and examine the interior objects in more detail, to appreciate the laconicism of the ceiling fixtures and admire the dynamism of the flooring, to virtually walk around the future unique interior and enjoy its beauty. This solution can be useful for the development of projects such as a store or restaurant. This is a great option for selling real estate.

Interior Comparison

Interior Comparison is a special service that allows you to demonstrate two options for decor, lighting, furniture arrangement, or color scheme of the room at the same time. If the customer has two different design options, the interior comparison solution can easily solve the problem of uncertainty. You can also present the interior design in the day and night lighting to see how the room will look at different times of the day.

Virtual Staging After Virtual Staging Before

3D walkthrough and flythrough animation

3D interior animation allows you to take a virtual walk or fly through an apartment, business center, or country house. You can also understand how everything will be in the end, and evaluate how harmonious the space will look with the finishing in the chosen style, furniture, and decorative elements. The client can plunge into the project and feel the future home, office, or restaurant atmosphere. When the customer gets such a deep understanding, there is no room for doubt. This type of 3D interior rendering is also perfect for real estate ads and presentations of design concepts to investors.

2D and 3D floor plans

An important element of interior design is the development of the floor plan of the house. Thanks to this service in our company you can get high-quality and detailed images that will give a general idea of the convenience and functionality of the space. With the help of a 3D floor plan, you can get information about the size and dimensions, general layout, and distribution of space. They show doors, stairs, windows, walls, elevators, columns, and fixtures in a scaled 3D form. Floor plans can be created for both commercial and residential premises.

3D floor plan of first level ellison

Our company works closely with interior designers to help them turn their ideas into reality. We offer a wide range of 3D rendering services, among which you can choose what you need. Contact us and we will find an individual approach to your project.

Rendering software for interior design

3D interior rendering companies work with different software, to make each model unique and realistic. Artists often use such programs:

  • 3ds Max. It is the best modeling software, combined with Corona Render and V-Ray;
  • Photoshop and Fusion. For post-processing of renders;
  • SketchUp; 
  • Sweet Home 3D, etc.

Learn more about Interior design rendering software.


Rendering in the design of the interior is a necessary element in the development of each project. Detailed visualization of the interior is understandable to everyone, does not require special practical knowledge and skills, helps to overcome any barriers between the customer and the contractor, and captures attention from start to finish. With the help of interior 3D renderings, designers can completely change the way they present their concepts and interact with their customers. After all, CGI displays projects with photographic realism and accuracy of drawing. This allows the designer to easily explain even complex solutions to those who have no design experience. Moreover, the use of interior 3D renders allows you to more actively involve the client in the creative process. Professional 3D visualization of interior design will help to increase the value of your project! Contact Applet3D to get high-quality 3D interior rendering services. We will help you wow everyone!

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