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As virtual staging becomes more popular in the real estate world, many new companies are entering the scene offering virtual staging services to real estate agents and homeowners. They help them visualize their houses and spaces in a way that makes potential buyers or tenants feel “at home” and shows them how it might look, given the decor and furnishings. After all, it is much more difficult to imagine life in a house when it is shown empty. Through the services of house staging companies, both virtual and real, sellers and agents can attract more potential buyers, increase the number of visitors to the property, and thereby sell it for more. Here you will find a list of the best virtual home staging companies of 2023 outlining their key features, service prices, turnaround time, сoverage area, and much more. 

What are virtual house staging companies?

A virtual staging company is an alternative to the traditional home staging business that helps homeowners, realtors, and brokers make a house as attractive as possible for sale and digitally present realty to buyers. In simple terms, virtual staging companies are companies that digitally perform real estate staging.

Virtual home staging companies have a wide range of digital furniture styles in their arsenal, which can be used to design and modified according to the needs of the client. The services of virtual staging companies are often quite varied and can include remodeling, photo editing, removing and adding interior items, changing the color palette, and more. You can always be sure of the quality and photorealism since in most cases staging professionals and experienced designers will take care of your home.

The goal of virtual house staging companies is to create attractive images of the space that will help attract potential buyers and make them want to visit the home in person. Since in today’s world in most cases the search for real estate begins on the Internet, this practice brings the best results, and the terms and prices of sales increase rapidly. The main advantages of such studious in comparison with traditional real estate staging companies are the cost and speed of order fulfillment, various design options offerings, numerous revisions, and edits until the customer is satisfied, and, of course, the ability to take orders from all over the world. They also often offer to virtually stage the exterior of the home, which will be a big selling point as well. Learn more about What is staging a home and how to make it virtually.

Best virtual real estate staging companies 

CompanyDelivery timeVirtual staging pricesRevisionsServicesLocationCoverage area
PadStyler1-2 BD;
6-12 hrs.
urgent delivery
$29/8 or more photos; 
$34/5 or more photos;
$39/2 or more photos;
$49/1 photo
Free, unlimitedVirtual Home Staging
Virtual Remodeling 
Virtual Landscaping
Virtual Furniture Replacement
Virtual Kitchen Vision
Matterport Virtual Staging
3D Floor Plans.
Texas, USA
BoxBrownie24-48 hrs.$24/image;
$48/360° virtual staging
Unlimited Image Enhancement
Virtual Staging
Day to Dusk
Item Removal
Floor Plan Redraws
360° Image Enhancement
360° Virtual Staging
Virtual Renovations
360° Virtual Tours
Custom Jobs

Stuccco12-24 hrs.From $24/image,
depends on the
type of service
FreeAdd Furniture and Decor
Remove Items and Add Furniture and Decor
Change Interior Walls, Floors, Cabinets, Ceilings and More
Change Exterior Wall, Trim and/or Door Color
Change Landscaping
Day to Dusk
Kentucky, USA
VRX Staging Next BD$29/imageFree, unlimitedVirtual Staging
Virtual Twilight
Blue Sky, Green Grass
Paint Color Change
Furniture Removal
Wisconsin, USA
Rooomy2-3 BD$49/virtual photobased
staging without rework;
$69/virtual photobased
staging with complimentary rework;
$434 to $1,754/Matterport Tours
Not mentionedVirtual Staging 
Virtually Staged Matterport 3D Tours
San Jose,
California, USA;
the Netherlands
Virtually Staging PropertiesAbout 2 BDFrom $39/photo1 revisionVirtual StagingDoraville,
USA, Canada
Virtual Staging Solutions1 BDFrom $75/photoFreeVirtual Staging
3D Floor plan
Texas, USA
Styldod2 BD;
24 hrs. rush delivery
$16/photo for 8 photos or more;
$19/photo for less than 8 photos;
additional cost for rush delivery
Free, unlimitedVirtual Staging
Virtual Renovation
Virtual Staging
Delaware, USA
Virtual Staging Lab2 BDFrom $40/photoNot mentionedVacant Room Staging
Room Remodeling
Barion DesignUp to 10 daysDepends on the size
of the space depicted
in the pictures
1 revisionVirtual Staging For Empty Properties
Virtual Re-Staging & Cosmetic Work
Virtual Remodel, Virtual Staging of Raw Spaces
Virtual Staging Landscaping
Virtual Pool,
Virtual Twilight
Commercial Virtual Staging
Virtual Staging Video
White Bear Lake, MN, USAUSA

Best virtual staging companies in details


Pad styler virtual staging

located: Austin, Texas
Coverage area: Worldwide
Prices: $49 per photo, with a wholesale offer of $29 per 8 or more photos

PadStyler can easily be called the best virtual staging company on our list. The company bills itself as a Photorealistic 3D Visual Marketing Platform and offers extensive staging services, including virtual furniture replacement, virtual kitchen vision, virtual landscaping, virtual renovations, and 3D floor plans.

Working with home sellers, real estate agents, builders, and landlords around the world, PadStyler has successfully staged over 50,000 homes virtually. The main advantage of the staging company is speed – they guarantee order fulfillment and standard delivery in 1-2 business days. In case the order needs to be delivered urgently, the lead time is 6-12 hours.

The PadStyler enjoys a good reputation and general recognition in the industry. They provide the opportunity to make unlimited changes for free, as well as 100% money back within 7 days of the original order in case of customer dissatisfaction. You can place your order directly on the company’s website, as well as contact managers, or use the FAQ page to get answers to your questions. Whether you need a virtual staging of a small home or a large commercial building, PadStyler has got you covered.

  • Virtual Home Staging

  • Virtual Remodeling

  • Virtual Landscaping

  • Virtual Furniture Replacement

  • Virtual Kitchen Vision

  • Matterport Virtual Staging

  • 3D Floor Plans.

The company features
  • Hundreds of decor options

  • Same-day delivery available

  • Unlimited revisions

  • 100% money-back guarantee.


Box Brownie virtual staging

Located: Maroochydore, Australia
Coverage area: Worldwide
Prices: From $24 per image, and $48 for a 360° virtual staging

BoxBrownie is the house staging company with the widest range of services on our list. It specializes in professional photo editing, virtual staging, floor plan redraws, virtual renovations, and renderings. Although BoxBrownie is an Australian virtual stager, you can request their home staging services from almost anywhere in the world.

The company focuses on virtual staging and online transformation of residential and commercial properties for real estate agents, brokers, and builders, as well as creating quality images for retail clients. Using their services, you can get images of the home in any architectural style from their range.
The main advantage of the real estate staging company is the creation of a 360° virtual staging at an affordable price, which will allow you to sell real estate many times faster and more expensive. BoxBrownie promises a 24-hour delivery time (48 hours for virtual staging), offers a free trial, and guarantees unlimited revisions. The cost of virtual staging becomes $24 per image and $48 for 360° virtual staging. You get the image with full ownership.

  • Image Enhancement

  • Virtual Staging

  • Day to Dusk

  • Item Removal

  • Floor Plan Redraws

  • Renders

  • 360° Image Enhancement

  • 360° Degree Virtual Staging

  • Virtual Renovations

  • 360° Virtual Tours

  • Copywriting

  • Custom Jobs

The company features
  • Greatest variety of editing and staging style options

  • Free trial

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Customer service available 24/7

  • Projects of residential and commercial premises

  • Turn outdoor property photos from the day to dusk

  • Removing unwanted items from a photo

  • One fixed low rate per image

  • Client retention of ownership


Stuccco virtual staging company

Located: Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Coverage area: Worldwide
Prices: From $24 per image, depends on the type of service

Stuccco is an American virtual staging company for real estate. Stuccco is one of the few companies that does virtual staging not only inside the building but also outside the living quarters. Depending on your needs and wishes, this professional staging company will help you virtually add furniture and decor and/or remove unnecessary items, and change the color of external and internal walls, trim, and other parts of the house. You can also turn the daytime image of your house into dusk settings.

Using the virtual home staging services of the company, you get a staged photo of your property, made by professional interior designers. You can choose one of 7 design styles for your photos from the company’s library, or trust the designer completely. In addition to the well-designed spaces, all the furniture and decor used in Stuccco’s virtual staging looks are available from popular retailers.

Stuccco services are available for any type of house anywhere in the country. It is the only virtual home staging company in the world that also offers online interior design services. That is after Stuccco virtually staged a property, you can recommend the buyer hire an online Stuccco interior designer to bring the staged design to life.

At Stuccco, you receive your finished photos within 12-24 hours, and you can make any changes or edits to the images free of charge if your request is submitted within 60 days of placing your order. The cost depends on the type of staging service. In case of dissatisfaction, the company will return your money.

  • Add Furniture and Decor

  • Remove Items and Add Furniture and Decor

  • Change Interior Walls, Floors, Cabinets, Ceilings, and More

  • Change Exterior Wall, Trim, and/or Door Color

  • Change Landscaping

  • Day to Dusk.

The company features
  • The staging is done by professional designers

  • Virtual updates and advanced editing options

  • Seven design styles to choose from

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Furniture and decor from popular retailers

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund

  • Exteriors staging.

VRX Staging

Vrxstaging virtual staging company

Located: Hartland, Wisconsin, USA
Coverage area: Worldwide
Prices: $29 per photo

If you are familiar with VRX Media Group, a well-known professional real estate photography brand, then you have probably heard of VRX Staging. The company was created by real estate and marketing experts for real estate agents to help them attract the attention of potential buyers. It specializes in virtual staging and offers Virtual Twilight, Blue Sky, Green Grass, Paint Color Change, and Furniture Removal services.

VRX Staging boasts great experience and high-end home staging in a short time. They have successfully completed over 10,000 orders with next-day delivery and offer a rich palette of styles and decor options. Here you can also get an unlimited number of revisions for free, and if you are not satisfied with the result, the staging company guarantees a refund. As for the cost of services in VRX Staging, the prices are the most pleasant one flat rate for each type of photo, starting from 5 dollars. The cost of virtual staging services is $29 per photo.

  • Virtual Staging

  • Virtual Twilight

  • Blue Sky, Green Grass

  • Paint Color Change

  • Furniture Removal.

The company features
  • Next-day delivery

  • Furniture addition and removal

  • Paint color changes

  • Outdoor area staging

  • Responsive customer service

  • No hidden costs

  • Virtual twilight

  • Blue sky and green grass service

  • Money-back guarantee.


Rooomy virtual virtual staging company

Located: San Hose, California, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Coverage area: Worldwide
Prices: $49 for a virtual photo-based staging without rework and $69 for images with complimentary rework; $434 to $1,754 for Matterport Tours

Rooomy positions itself as a leader in the development of virtual scenes and AR/VR applications and serves retailers of real estate and home goods. Rooomy is a staging business that specializes in virtual staging and also offers Virtually Staged Matterport 3D Flythroughs. At Rooomy, you can also select your desired design style from their library, or request a custom design. The company’s customers are given a unique “try before you buy” opportunity with the flexibility to shop for home products online.

When you turn to Rooomy for property staging services, you can be sure of quality – the company’s interior design team uses up-to-date, trendy home decor from leading retailers such as West Elm and Wayfair. In general, together with editings, finished realistic images are delivered in approximately 2-3 business days. In addition, the company guarantees professional customer and technical support for each order. The price for a virtual staging is determined on the basis of revisions and corrections: $49 for one photo without modifications, and $69 for one photo with free revision. $434 to $1,754 for Matterport Tours, depending on the area.

  • Virtual Staging

  • Virtually Staged Matterport 3D Tours.

The company features
  • Customer and technical support for each order

  • Opportunity to purchase interior items

  • Development of augmented and virtual reality applications

  • Dedicated account management team

  • Home decor from leading retailers

  • Virtually staged 3D walkthroughs.

Is 3D rendering better than virtual staging?

Virtual staging or 3D rendering: what to choose? Whether you’re a real estate agent looking for the best marketing solution or a homeowner listing a property for sale, you might be asking yourself this question. Just compare and get the answer.

3D rendering
  • Creating and placing various objects in the scene, such as walls, windows, doors, and other elements
  • You can immediately show how advantageously make a remodel
  • No need to adjust to sunny weather or look for a winning angle
  • You can show a building or space from all possible angles, even from above
  • Allows you to create an attractive space from scratch
  • Custom models of furniture and other items
  • It is possible to create a realistic images of even a non-existent building
  • No professional photography or high-quality pictures of the space required
  • Any design idea can be realized
  • Perfect marketing images
Virtual staging
  • Focused only on the installation of furniture in the photographs of the object
  • You can only adjust lighting and camera according to photos of empty houses
  • You need to choose good lighting or an advantageous angle for nice pictures
  • Limited opportunities to work with the exterior
  • Allows only to supplement the space, without significant changes
  • Limited amount of furniture available
  • Photos of only existing space can be edited
  • Good quality photos of the space are needed

Get the maximum result! Use 3D rendering services.

Virtually Staging Properties

Virtually staging propertiesvirtual staging company

Located: Doraville, Georgia, USA
Coverage area: the USA, Canada
Prices: From $39 per 1 photo

Virtually Staging Properties is a company dedicated to helping clients turn vacant properties into beautiful, virtually staged homes to sell faster and for the highest price. They focus on the extraordinary realism of the final photographs, pay attention to detail and ensure complete customer satisfaction. By selecting furniture with taste, and placing it digitally on your photos of vacant spaces, they make the property as attractive as possible. The finished work is provided within two days, but you need to be prepared that the process may be delayed, as the company primarily focuses on quality.

The cost of the services of a virtual furniture staging company depends on the number of photos you want to receive. On average, you can order 4 to 5 staged photos, but the number may vary depending on the house size. Virtually Staging Properties offers 3 different pricing packages: VSP Virtual Staging – $60 per photo; VSP Express Virtual Staging – $39 per photo; VSP Pro Virtual Staging – includes all the benefits of VSP Express plus access to the company’s extensive inventory reserved for professional home stagers and interior designers only. Each package has its own characteristics and includes certain functions. If you are living in Georgia, USA, and searching for “furniture staging companies near me”, feel free to choose Virtually Staging Properties.

  • Virtual Staging

The company features
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Few pricing packages.

Virtual Staging Solutions

Virtual staging solutions virtual staging company

Located: Austin, Texas, USA
Coverage area: Worldwide
Prices: From $75 per photo

Virtual Staging Solutions is a highly experienced professional stager and has created over 100,000+ virtual staging properties. Such staging home companies as Virtual Staging Solutions offer everything you need to digitally decorate, build or renovate any home. Depending on your needs, the company will help you remove or add any existing furniture in your property photos, redevelop, and color match walls, cabinets, flooring, fixtures, countertops, and more. All you need to do is send photos of the room, floor plans, or virtual tours, choose furniture and tell us about your wishes. The company can create a virtual staging for vacant or furnished premises.

Do you want to customize furniture? Then you here. The company allows choosing one of the pre-designed furniture sets from its library, and even changing it in size, and color and adapting to different layouts. The price for the virtual staging service with the ability to virtually add furniture is $75 per photo and promises delivery in one day. Free revisions and full refunds are also available in case of dissatisfaction. That is, among virtual furniture staging companies, Virtual Staging Solutions offers one of the best opportunities.

  • Virtual Staging

  • Remodel

  • Restyle

  • Envision

  • 3D Floor plan.

The company features
  • Virtual home staging with both vacant and furnished rooms

  • Customizable furniture to choose from

  • Physical prints to display in the home

  • Two price packages with different features

  • Decluttering and furniture removal in photos.


Styldod companies virtual staging company

Located: Kent, Delaware, USA
Coverage area: Worldwide
Prices: $16 per photo for 8 photos or more and $19 per photo for less than 8 photos

Another company that offers many virtual staging & renovation services, photo editing services, and others. This staging company concentrates on quality and photorealism and promises 100% customer satisfaction. On their website, you can explore and choose one of the 8 modern design styles that best suit your order. Once you select a style and upload your photos, the finished virtually staged images will arrive in both your inbox and Styldod dashboard within 24-48 hours. If you are confused about the best photo suitable for virtual staging, the company’s experts will do it for you. What’s more, if you can’t provide photos of the vacant premises, the company offers Occupied To Vacant and Object Removal services to clean up the photos and virtually place them. You can select these virtual home staging services when placing an order. Here you can also get free expert consultation on the best virtual staging solution for your property. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about something – use the free trial for the first image.

In addition to virtual interior design, the company is also engaged in the house exterior virtual staging and can change the appearance of the building and landscaping. If you have any questions, you can easily find answers to them on the website or use the online support chat. In terms of pricing, the virtual staging at Styldod is $16 per photo for 8 photos or more and $19 per photo for less than 8 photos. Unlimited free revisions are available.

  • Virtual Staging

  • Commercial Virtual Staging

  • Matterport Virtual Staging

  • Virtual Renovation.

The company features
  • Free tools available

  • Two prices packages

  • Free consultation

  • Rush delivery for an additional cost

  • Home exteriors staging

  • Free trial

  • Online chat.

Virtual Staging Lab

Virtual stagin lab virtual staging company

Located: Unionville, CT, USA
Coverage area: USA
Prices: From $40 per photo

Virtual home staging services of this company are popular throughout America. Virtual Staging Lab offers the help of experienced designers who will work on your interior, as well as reasonable prices for professional home staging. At Virtual Staging Lab, you will find 24/7 support and a no strings attached free consultation to make sure their services are right for you. In just a few simple steps, you will receive ready-made high-quality interior staging images within two business days.

Thanks to the experience of the company, you can be sure that each piece of virtual furniture is guaranteed to complement the style of your home. The services of this virtual stager include Vacant Room Staging for $40 and Room Remodeling for $60. You can even take advantage of some of the company’s promotions, such as 30% off your first order and 20% off your next order.

  • Vacant Room Staging

  • Room Remodeling.

The company features
  • Round clock 24/7 support

  • Promotions available

  • Free consultation

  • Interior expertise.

Barion Design

Barion design virtual staging

Located: White Bear Lake, MN, USA
Coverage area: USA
Prices: Depends on the size of the space depicted in the pictures

Barion Design is one of the most experienced home & apartment staging companies in the Americas market. They focus on luxury home staging virtually, offering clients a combination of sophisticated design and extraordinary photorealism. The company has already completed more than 50,000 luxury virtual staging projects. A team of home staging professionals and highly skilled graphic designers can design any type of property, from a small apartment to a mansion, across America. Barion Design offers virtual staging for empty properties, virtual staging landscaping, commercial virtual staging, virtual staging video, and more.

The company uses an individual approach to each client – work begins with a consultation on real estate and marketing strategy, after which the team creates an individual stage design. You get the finished images within 10 days, after which one round of revisions is available. The price of a virtual staging service depends on the size of the space to be created. To find out the exact cost, you need to request a quote.

  • Virtual Staging For Empty Properties

  • Virtual Re-Staging & Cosmetic Work

  • Virtual Remodel, Virtual Staging of Raw Spaces

  • Virtual Staging Landscaping

  • Virtual Pool

  • Virtual Twilight

  • Commercial Virtual Staging

  • Virtual Staging Video.

The company features
  • Staging consultation to get acquainted with the object and the target audience

  • Individual stage design for the most demanding customers

  • Rendering in low resolution for approval

  • One round of changes

  • Focuses on luxury real estate

  • The price is indicated individually for each project

  • Highly trained graphic designers and home staging experts team.

Traditional home staging companies

Speaking of virtual staging companies, it is impossible not to mention traditional home staging services. House staging companies deal with the physical placement of furniture and decor items in space to prepare the property for sale. They can also deal with houses of different types and sizes, vacant or occupied spaces.

In choosing traditional staging companies for real estate, you need to refer to your location. To do so, you can google “home staging companies near me” and find suitable results according to your location. However, recognized market leaders in the USA are:

1. Showhomes – Home staging

Show homes virtual staging company

2. Meredith Baer Home – Luxury home staging

Meridith baer virtual staging

3. All About the Wow – Design staging

All about the wow virtual staging

If you are interested in traditional real estate home staging and looking for the best staging companies, follow the links and check out their home staging websites.

However, if you still doubt which option to choose for yourself, learn more about 3D rendering services. With the help of our 3D rendering studio, you will quickly get any high-quality image of the house you need.


3D images are the tool that allows you to virtually recreate the property and consider options for how any room can be furnished and decorated. This is very convenient because you can observe any room, even in 360-degree mode. Using this function, you can feel how everything works, and how the house will be transformed in real life. It is possible to view both from a smartphone, or tablet, and from a computer. Virtual staging technologies allow you to immerse a person in the house, giving the opportunity to consider everything in detail and evaluate the big picture. Furthermore, statistics show that virtually staged homes sell much faster. To achieve such a result, it is impossible to do without virtual staging services. Whether it is NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, or Nashville staging companies, experienced specialists in this field all over the globe know exactly how to make a photo of a furnished house as realistic and attractive as possible, know the latest design trends, and can offer numerous possibilities for your property and its images. Staging companies help brokers, real estate agents and homeowners raise the value of their properties and increase the chance of a successful transaction several times over.

When creating a list of the best virtual staging companies, we took into account such factors as the price of services, the area of service provided, the lead time and delivery of the order, as well as additional features that each studio offers. It is difficult for us to single out a virtual staging leader, so when choosing among these options, you need to take into account the criteria that are important to you. Learn about the best Virtual staging apps and software if you want to do virtual staging on your own.

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