3D Exterior Rendering: Where is it used and why is it needed

3D exterior rendering Where is it used and why i it needed Exterior


Imagine that you are a tourist. Or remember how is it feeling. Walking through the streets of the city or shopping malls, we often pay attention to large-scale modern buildings and hold our breath thinking about how they were built. How could this be constructed and avoid mistakes? There are so many details, and the design is so complicated! In the world of modern technology, creating architectural masterpieces has become much easier. 3D architectural rendering is a real discovery, not only for architects and entrepreneurs but also for ordinary buyers interested in building or renovating their homes. In this article, we will reveal to you all the advantages and nuances of 3D exterior visualization and give you real examples of well-known projects. Read also about Interior 3D rendering.

Exterior Rendering Atwood Crescent image

What is a 3D exterior rendering?

Exterior rendering refers to the process of creating photorealistic and impressive 3D images to build a visual representation of the project’s external spaces. From residential buildings to commercial structures such as hotels, office buildings, or entire city center landscapes. This is the most important aspect of the architectural visualization industry.

Perhaps, the 3D exterior design is the most objective way to assess the future of an architectural object. Drawings and sketches do not provide clients with enough information to understand exactly what they are getting. Professional exterior renders solve this problem and make the creating process easier. 

Thanks to the exterior renderings, architects can avoid any mistakes in design and misunderstand with clients. The building can be visualized from all visible angles. Every element of the exterior can be attentively analyzed in great detail. It is easy to make any changes or correct any miscalculations in the project during development. 

Exterior Rendering House image

The role of exterior 3D rendering in building design and construction

The construction of an architectural object is a complex and long process. 3D visualization is one of the first stages of it. To create 3D models of buildings, drawings, blueprints, photographs, plans, or sketches are used as sources. It is stored and used until the end of construction. Having such a model is a great advantage for architects because now it is much easier for them to control the process and make the necessary changes.

Such a digital model contains and stores all information about the building and its elements, such as design, materials, wiring, and so on. In addition, it is available to project managers, architects, builders, engineers, and all other project participants.

Having 3D models of houses, construction personnel no longer have to rely on paper documents and drawings in their work. The process has become much easier and faster.

New residence evening front view_Highland

Who needs 3D exterior visualization?

Exterior visualization services are widely used by architects, space designers, marketing agencies, and real estate developers to effectively boost the sales of their product even before it’s finished.

However, we can safely say that 3D rendering is useful for anyone interested in building a house or an entire complex. How so? Let’s find out.


With exterior 3D renders, architects can adjust and modify designs as the project evolves. They can also add depth and movement, allowing clients to view the building from all angles, whether from the ground or from a bird’s eye view. Now, more than ever, clients get a better understanding of the architect’s vision of a project even before it is built.

If you are one of them, you may be interested in how to create Photorealistic 3D renderings.

Real estate managers 

In real estate, 3D rendering plays a crucial role in advertising. This process allows real estate agents to present their potential clients with a compelling presentation of what they are offering. With exterior building rendering, real estate agents can create complex images for presentation purposes, highlighting all the subtle details present in real estate and making the design more attractive to their potential clients.

Big Companies

Large companies involved in the construction and sale of real estate use 3D rendering services for their presentations. Such photorealistic images of the exterior are breathtaking and attract attention. This is the best way to fascinate potential investors. They will be able to easily assess the future project, and there will be no room for questions or reflections.


Builders do their best to learn about the design and layout before starting work, but they keep all the necessary architectural references close at hand throughout the construction process. On the other hand, 3D architectural models are available on a variety of devices, can be rotated and enlarged, and they won’t get lost among the stack of other documents.

Large corporations 

In such cases, there is often a need for expansion or complete relocation. That is why 3D exterior vIn such cases, there is often a need for expansion or complete relocation. That is why 3D exterior visualization services will be useful for such corporations. They will be able to convey and anticipate all their needs and create a unique office building that will become their business card and will set them apart from the competition.


Exterior rendering can also be useful for people who plan to live in the house of their dreams. Using the services of 3D exterior visualization, they can tell about all their wishes and get a photorealistic image of what such a house will look like. A big advantage is that when designing such a model, all practical aspects of the building are taken into account. Thus, they will be able to either abandon this idea immediately or make the necessary changes and have a ready plan for construction. If you are one of such dreamers, learn about our 3D House Rendering services, and we will be glad to help you to make your dream come true.


Thanks to exterior 3D models, city dwellers can see what the project of the future shopping center or other complexes will look like. Due to the maximum photorealism of such images, they will be able to appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of the building, to understand how it will fit into the already familiar environment. Use our Commercial Rendering page.

Of course, everyone determines the need to create a 3D image for himself personally and based on his needs. However, even the need to monitor the progress of construction is simplified several times. In addition, now the client can easily get a complete professional video depicting the future home and in a few minutes view it from all sides. Thus, modern technologies contribute to the modeling of projects of excellent quality, which reduces the risks of architectural, technical, and design errors to zero.

Software for 3D exterior rendering

Working on 3D rendering of the exterior, artists often use such programs:

  • 3ds Max. It is the best modeling software, combined with Corona Render and V-Ray;
  • Photoshop and Fusion. For post-processing of renders;
  • SketchUp; 
  • Lumion.

Learn more about Exterior design rendering software.

Famous projects

Perhaps, the best way to explain the full value of 3D exterior rendering services is to see the impressive results of big projects. We have selected for you the most famous and unforgettable buildings created using this technique.

Apple Campus

Exterior Rendering Apple Campus image

In the first place, without any doubt, is the incredible new Apple campus in Cupertino. This is a truly unique project, and renderings prove that the campus can become one of the best office buildings in the world. The project is designed by Foster + Partners, with engineering being done by Arup. Renders show an updated wheel-shaped campus with many new details on it.

Exterior Rendering Apple Campus front image

Here we have a pretty nice wide-angle view of the main office building. Visible dark long straight buildings, which are also part of the campus, and a renovated roof – now it is made of photovoltaic solar panels.

Morpheus Hotel

3d exterior rendering Morpheus Hotel image

Morpheus is located in Macau. Its creator is the British architectural company Zaha Hadid Architects. The hotel includes 770 rooms and villas, conference rooms, restaurants, spas, and a rooftop pool. The flowing architectural forms are made in the finest traditions of Chinese jade carving. The building is recognized as one of the finest in the world for its stunning, avant-garde design and steel construction.

3d Exterior Rendering Zaha Tour image

56 Leonard Street

3D Exterior Rendering 56 Leonard Street image

This is large-scale high-rise building was rendered by Swiss architecture firm Herzog and de Meuron and stands in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, 56 Leonard. Obviously, the name of the project comes from its location. Construction was completed in 2016. Now you can easily compare the real skyscraper with previous visualizations and make sure that the exterior design almost perfectly copies the original visualizations. It impresses not only with its size but its unique design.

Exterior Rendering 56 Leonard Street image


Modern technologies make communication between people much easier. When you move from dreaming of your own home to the design phase, many questions arise. Sometimes it is difficult for architects and those you trust to build a house to understand what the customer wants. And often the result is completely different from what you wanted, and making changes is very expensive or even impossible. Exterior renderings help to solve these problems. Close attention to detail, lighting scenarios, and an idea of ​​how harmoniously this room fits into the surrounding landscape, – all this has already become a reality for designers and builders. Whether you are an architect, real estate manager, or just a person who dreams about a big unusual house, 3D exterior rendering is perfect for you. You can learn more about our Exterior rendering services, and we will help you to bring your project to life.

Author of Applet 3D articles. In passion about art, so writing about design, architecture, the animation is a great chance to enjoy my work. Rule of life - set little goals but achieve big results.

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