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3d rendering of Coastal



Exterior 3d rendering service offers a wide array of benefits to architects and real estate agents. Photorealistic renderings can serve as a good advertising tool for your services.
If you are working on a project that needs any approval from the review board, 3d renderings will help to represent the design and make any requested changes instantly.
High-quality 3d rendering is useful as the final step of project development when you and your client need to make a final decision on the materials and colors of the building.
For big industrial projects that need investors, the best way to attract them is to show them a realistic view of how this project will look when built.


What we need to start the project

To start working on your project we need the following information in .dwg format:

  • Elevation for all views (front, rear, left and right sides);
  • Floorplans;
  • Roof plan;
  • Site plan;
  • Landscape plan with detailed information;
  • Color and material selection sheet.

In case you don’t have a .dwg file with the information above, we can use a PDF instead provided it contains all the dimensions needed.

All our clients have an opportunity to decide on light settings (day or dusk), season, and point of view for the rendering. The process includes rounds of updates to the draft of the final rendering.

With the help of your detailed material and color specification, we will create a high-quality photorealistic rendering.

What's your usual turnaround time?

Typical turnaround is 3-4 days for first initial rendering if we have all the necessary information at the moment of rendering process started. 1-2 Days for updates after we get the revisions.

Which program do we use?

We use 3ds Max program only combining with both renderers V-Ray and Corona If you need interactive model to use in other programs, we can save the model in obj, fbx or other necessary formats

Price for dusk settings. The difference between daylight and dusk settings, and why dusk settings attract an extra charge.

The price for dusk settings depends on the project and scope of work. Usually, our clients prefer daylight settings as most projects require an image of the exterior that includes all architectural details that are best visible during the day. Daylight settings don’t include lit up lighting fixtures and any other artificial lighting sources, which makes the production relatively easier and hence is considered a basic package. Dusk settings are preferable when there is a need to depict the special atmosphere or a peculiar lighting plan. 

These settings require us to alter the sky and its lights, artificial light fixtures and reflective surfaces as well as illuminate the interior spaces through windows and other structural openings, therefore it demands more work and time to make it look as realistic as possible.

Ultimately, a custom lighting plan has to be set up, it is for these reasons that an extra fee is charged for this service.

Export options for smart or interactive models.

We primarily produce our renderings using 3D Studio Max and there are a number of export options available that may be compatible with other modern day rendering or 3D visualization software. If we can have an idea of what software you use or intend to interact with the model in, we could work with the intent of exporting in a format most suitable to you. Formats that have shown high compatibility with most programs are FBX and Obj. and we can very well provide these.

How can our clients use the renderings and what are the benefits of such a service?

Most of our clients are architects, contractors, real estate agents, designers, and just people who are interested in the renovation or construction of their property. Whenever there is a need in visualizing the drawings, concepts, or ideas, 3D rendering is the best solution as it allows you to visualize how space/building will look like in real life without spending tons of money on construction and countless changes if you are left unsatisfied. As 3D rendering is done digitally, you only have to wait for a few days to see the final look of your building/space or project, and not weeks or months that it would take in real life.

Pricing for additional views.

When quoting additional views we pay attention to the complexity of the scene and other peculiarities, so the price may vary. For more information on your project please contact us at and we’ll be happy to provide a quote based on your project.

What other software do we use while production aside from 3dsMax?

We work only in 3dsMax Program.

Can I order a rendering if I do not have a specific design in mind?

As we are not a design company, we usually do not do design service. We can create a visualization using your reference photos or links to specific items. We’ll create a presentation with a few options of furniture that satisfy the requirements for you to choose from. Those can be further changed during the 2 rounds of revision that are included with every quote.

Is an aerial view a site plan rendering?

An aerial view is a term that is used when describing the rendering that depicts the building from a top perspective. It is not necessarily a site plan, so for clarity, please specify if you’d like a rendering of the whole site.

Do we sign engagement contracts and NDAs?

Yes, if requested.

How can I send in my project scene, what file formats do we accept, and what file formats can we send you after the project is completed?

During the production of any scene, we use 3dsMax software which allows us to import OBJ, FBX, MAX, DWG, RVT, PDF, SKP, DXF files. After the project is finished we can send you a 3dsMax scene in MAX format along with all the reference files.

Can we give you the contact information of our prior clients?

The contact information of all our clients is strictly confidential and cannot be revealed without their permission. If you wish to see their feedback feel free to look through our portfolio where we have stated the names of the companies that we have worked with and further contact their representatives.

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