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2d rendering of West Lake Houston

2D Colorized Plans and Sites

2D Colorized Plans and Sites

2D color service is sometimes used along with 3D rendering within one project. For example, if the budget is enough for 3d Exterior only, the presentation could be completed by 2D Floorplan. Such a scheme is highly popular when selling a house plan. Also, 2D Floorplans work well when building development is quite big and consists of different types of units.


What do we need to start the project?

For 2D Floorplan:

  • Pdf Drawings of the floorplan with furniture layout;
  • Name of Space ( great room, kitchen, dining, etc.);
  • Floor and walls finishes;
  • A common reference for furniture style and colors.

For 2D Elevations:

  • Pdf drawings of Elevations and site plan;
  • Color and material selection;
  • Landscaping references.

For 2d Site Plan:

  • Pdf drawings of site plan;
  • Roof finishes;
  • Landscaping references.

What's your usual turnaround time?

Typical turnaround is 1-2 days for first initial rendering if we have all the neccessary information at the moment of rendering process started. 1 day for updates after we get the revisions.

Do we sign engagement contracts and NDAs?

Yes, if requested.

Can we give you the contact information of our prior clients?

The contact information of all our clients is strictly confidential and cannot be revealed without their permission. If you wish to see their feedback feel free to look through our portfolio where we have stated the names of the companies that we have worked with and further contact their representatives.

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