3D Rendering of Storage Condos

Storage condos Exterior Applet3D

At Applet3D, we work on projects of various types and scales. We know that each project, like a client, is unique and requires an individual approach. Today we would like to introduce you to our 3D rendering of Storage Condos. Our team of talented 3D artists skillfully worked on every millimeter, paying special attention to details, lighting, and texture. This project illustrates how complex architectural drawings can be transformed into stunning and impressive 3D renderings that convey the specifics of your idea like nothing else. 3D visualization is designed to bring your vision to life, and at Applet3D we will do our best to exceed your expectations. Explore this project carefully and find out what we can do for you!

Project info

Customer: 208 Capital Holdings LLC
Customer type: New
Number of projects for the customer: 1
Years of cooperation: 1 (2023)
Country, State: USA, TX
Project type: Interior/Exterior

Customer feedback
“This updated rendering looks amazing! We will go with it. Thank you again for your excellent work on this project”

Project team

  • Julie – Project Manager
    Julie - Project Manager
    Julie – Project Manager
    Project management:
    • communication with the client;
    • collection and processing of project information;
    • technical documentation for the 3D artists.
  • Dima – 3D Modeler
    Dima - 3D Modeler
    Dima – 3D Modeler
    Exterior 3D modeling:
    • collection of available drawings, models, and references;
    • modeling according to drawings, adjusting proportions;
    • texturing, material setup.
  • Yuriy – 3D Artist
    Yuriy - 3D Artist
    Yuriy – 3D Artist
    Exterior and Interior 3D modeling and visualization:
    • modeling, adjusting proportions;
    • texturing, material setup;
    • setting up the natural light;
    • installation of artificial lighting;
    • building a composition;
    • setting up simple and complex materials;
    • post-production.
  • Alex – Teamlead 3D Artist
    Alex - Teamlead 3D Artist
    Alex – Teamlead 3D Artist
    3D visualization of Car Garage, Kitchen, Living and Dining rooms:
    • setting up the natural light;
    • installation of artificial lighting;
    • building a composition;
    • setting up simple and complex materials;
    • post-production.

Set tasks

  • Create high-quality photo-realistic interior and exterior renderings of Storage Condos.
  • Show the Storage Condos from an aerial view – create a high-quality site plan.
  • The renderings would need to show various options a customer could have done to their storage unit.
  • Make daylight settings.


Throughout the project, we kept in constant communication with the client to ensure the best result possible. At the first stage of cooperation, the client sent us the data necessary for the work (drawings, models, images, etc.), which were used to create the final visualizations. We offer each customer to go through two stages of revisions to provide their corrections and comments. After that, we make the necessary changes and send the final visualizations in a format convenient for them. Keep reading to learn more about the project.

Storage Condos 3D Rendering

From the outside, Storage Condos is a long building with many sections. It has a black roof and horizontal top siding, and dark gray bottom siding, which is vertical. All garage and entrance doors are also black. 

On the left side is a door through which you can enter the clubhouse from the pergola. Next to it is a gazebo with a glass table with wicker legs, wicker chairs, and a comfortable sofa made of light soft material.

Realistic visualization involves attention to detail, so our artists depicted asphalt and cars in front of the garages, as well as people, paying attention to the texture of the asphalt and showing trees, grass, and the shadows they cast. Thanks to this, you can also get a glimpse inside, as some doors are depicted open.

Storage condos Exterior Applet3D

The clubhouse is a unique place with a cool atmosphere that you definitely won’t be able to ignore once you’re here. The 3D rendering of the clubhouse shows the view from the point where you walk through the front door. You find yourself in a pleasant common area with soft chairs and a large TV on one wall.

In the back of the room, there is a glass door through which you can see the kitchen area. On the left side is a door that leads you to the gazebo. Along the right wall is a wooden staircase surrounded by a glass fence leading upstairs. On the balcony, there is a wooden table and sofas for relaxing with a pleasant conversation and a table football.

The room itself is very dark, with light gray textured walls combined with metal tiles that rise several feet from the floor. The ceiling is dark gray, almost black with open vents and light fixtures. All the walls are decorated with an abundance of decor in the form of paintings depicting vintage cars. The floor is a combination of light gray tiles and a light carpet in the center under the coffee table. The design of this room is undeniably impressive. Stylish and sophisticated, the clubhouse is a place you won’t want to leave.

Storage interior Clubhouse Applet3D

Discover the style and unparalleled beauty of these storages’ interiors, as demonstrated by our realistic 3D renderings. Each storage unit is a unique space where leaving your vehicle will be a pleasure. From the black and white tiles and balcony to the tool rack, everything is done with style for your enjoyment and comfort.

When working on these visualizations, our specialists paid attention to every detail. Paintings, wall texture, lighting, repair tools, every element and glare of the vehicle – all of this has been carefully crafted to create the most realistic effect possible.

Storage interior car and boat Applet3D
Storage interior cars Applet3D
Storage interior Applet3D

The last rendering gives us a bird’s-eye view of the storage facility. Thanks to this, you can estimate the size and location of the architectural object and understand the layout. You can also see details that were not visible from the human eye level, such as the white fence that stretches around. There is an inscription DRVN Storage Condos on the wall and exterior of the building. The highway and the area surrounding the garages are also visible from here.

Storage condos aerial Applet3D


Such projects like 3D Rendering of Storage Condos perfectly demonstrate how any of your ideas can be turned into reality. With our high-end 3D Rendering and Animation Services, you can not only get high-quality images of your project, whether it’s a small house or a large commercial building, but also get expert assistance and advice if you need it. At Applet3D, we are always ready to help you. 

Share your impressions of the project with us in the comments.

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Joey Rao
6 months ago
After looking at many rendering services, I knew Applet 3d was leaps and bounds better than anything else I saw. Julie and Emma were the most communicative throughout the process, great follow up, and quick to answer any questions. They, and the company as a whole, exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using them again!
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Nanci Warren
a year ago
This was the first time I have had the experience of working with renderings of this quality and I am hooked! Julie and Emma were great to work with, speedy with revisions and a gorgeous end result. Can't wait to do another project with them.
Posted on Google
Brandon Neff
2 years ago
I have been using them for several months to help me elevate my design presentations and I couldn’t be happier with their work. Both Rene and Julie are a pleasure to partner with. Excellent quality renderings, great responsiveness to edits and special requests and very professional team. I recommend them highly!
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Cassandra Brunson
2 years ago
Applet3D has allowed me to present high quality and professional renderings to my clients. Emma and Julie are both quick to respond and go far beyond to help me meet deadlines. Communicating ideas are easy. They just get it!!!! My clients and I are extremely satisfied with their work. Applet3D has far exceeded my expectations!!!! Excellent Customer Service and Superior Talent!
Posted on Google
John Doran
2 years ago
Working with Julie and Emma was a pleasure. They delivered high quality renderings utilizing the exact furnishings we will be using in the model home for our new 26 home project. True professionals and great timely service.
Posted on Google
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