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Mantra Admiral Kitchen Rendering


As a professional 3D rendering company, we always accept any challenges and look forward to every new project. In addition to traditional architectural renderings and animations, we also offer high-quality and photorealistic 3D product rendering services. One of our clients is Mantra Cabinets, a part of the MasterBrand Family. Mantra Cabinets is a company that decorates kitchens and manufactures cabinets. Working together for several years, we have completed many different projects for them. Today we will tell you about some of them.

Project info

Mantra Logo

Customer: Mantra Cabinets
Customer type: Regular
Web site: 
Number of projects for the customer: 9
Years of cooperation: 2 (2021-2022)
Country, State: USA, Indiana
Project type: Product

During the fruitful work on many projects, the client was satisfied with the result. He noted the speed and quality of tasks, as well as the professionalism of the team and pleasant and efficient communication with the project manager.

Project team

  • Daria – Project Manager
    Daria – Project Manager
    Project management:
    • planning and monitoring of the project`s flow;
    • activity, and resource planning;
    • providing clients with up-to-date status on project.
  • Kate – 3D Artist
    Kate – 3D Artist
    3Product and kitchen 3D modeling and visualization:
    • modeling, adjusting proportions;
    • texturing, material setup;
    • setting up the natural light;
    • installation of artificial lighting;
    • building a composition;
    • setting up simple and complex materials;
    • post-production;
    • creation of GLB.
  • Mike – 3D Artist
    Mike – 3D Artist
    Kitchen 3D modeling and visualization:
    • modeling, adjusting proportions;
    • texturing, material setup;
    • setting up the natural light;
    • installation of artificial lighting;
    • building a composition;
    • setting up simple and complex materials;
    • post-production.

Set tasks

  • Create high-quality photo-realistic Interior renderings with customer products.
  • Create GLB and product renderings.
  • Showcase the product in different colors.
  • Make images of the product according to all the materials sent by the client.


In accordance with the client’s requirements, all the tasks were completed. The project manager received all the necessary information for the project and passed it to the team of artists. During the work, the client received images at different stages of work and provided feedback, having passed several levels of reviews. Read the detailed description of the project to find out more.

Mantra Omni Cabinets: working process

Product models

Mantra Omni cabinet renderings clearly show cabinets of different types and sizes, from all possible angles, both inside and outside. Detailed elements, such as the interior decoration of the cabinets, patterns on light and dark wood, shadows, and lines, allow you to fully appreciate this piece of furniture and make a purchase decision without any doubts. The cabinets are designed in a variety of colors, such as Snow, Mineral, Graphite, Bark, and Admiral.

Mantra Omni Admiral cabinets

Mantra Omni Mineral cabinets

These projects in our company are mainly handled by one specialist, as we treat each project as special and unique. It is important for us to know and understand what exactly are the features of the products of a particular client, where and how the textures are laid, where what fasteners, where what indentation, etc. An experienced 3D artist who often deals with such projects, together with our professional project manager, takes all this into account and provides the best result. 

We also specially create 3D models of cabinets in GLB format for the convenience of the client.

Mantra Omni Bark cabinets

Mantra Omni Graphite cabinets

Mantra Omni Snow cabinets

Mantra Omni Front Kitchen Render in Mineral
Mantra Omni Kitchen Render in Mineral

Mantra Omni Cabinets in the interior

Our 3D rendering professionals also developed high-quality and photorealistic renders, where they presented the cabinets in finished interiors to help convey all their advantages and functional features. For Mantra Cabinets, we created renderings of kitchen interiors, living rooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Working on such projects, we get a list of cabinets that must be used in the scene. Also, the client can send us a ready-made frame file of the room, and a complete list of materials for the surface, floor, wall, tabletop, etc. of other manufacturers with whom he cooperates. We use the ready-made list for decor, fittings, and furniture received from the client to recreate the result he wants and expects as much as possible.

In the process of the Mantra Cabinets project, our project manager maintained constant communication with the client and became a kind of “bridge” between the customer and the 3D artist. Finding an approach to each client, our PMs do everything necessary to make him satisfied.

Upon completion of the project, our customer presented ready-made renders of the cabinets on his website. Here, Mantra’s clients can both choose a cabinet in the desired color, and see how it will look in the finished interior.


Working on projects for our regular client Mantra Cabinets we have implemented many ideas, using our experience and with special attention to the creation of each image. In addition to realistic renderings, we are also currently developing a video on the assembly of such cabinets for Mantra Cabinets.
Taking into account the client's vision and sharing our own, we were able to achieve the best result. If you are interested in high-end 3D visualization of your product, Applet3D is here to find the right solution for you.

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Nanci Warren
9 months ago
This was the first time I have had the experience of working with renderings of this quality and I am hooked! Julie and Emma were great to work with, speedy with revisions and a gorgeous end result. Can't wait to do another project with them.
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Brandon Neff
a year ago
I have been using them for several months to help me elevate my design presentations and I couldn’t be happier with their work. Both Rene and Julie are a pleasure to partner with. Excellent quality renderings, great responsiveness to edits and special requests and very professional team. I recommend them highly!
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Cassandra Brunson
a year ago
Applet3D has allowed me to present high quality and professional renderings to my clients. Emma and Julie are both quick to respond and go far beyond to help me meet deadlines. Communicating ideas are easy. They just get it!!!! My clients and I are extremely satisfied with their work. Applet3D has far exceeded my expectations!!!! Excellent Customer Service and Superior Talent!
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Amanda Reid
a year ago
I'm a designer and hired Applet3D to prepare some 3d renderings for my client and was beyond impressed. The renderings excellent quality and perfectly convey my design. The team was very responsive, professional and a easy to work with. Quick turn around and fairly priced. I plan to use them again and would definitely recommend them for all of your 3D needs.
Posted on Google
Gus Duffy
10 months ago
The renderings are superb, the service is absolutely great. Rene and Julie are responsive, flexible, and nimble. And my clients are delighted…and that’s the main goal. I recommend AppleT3D whole heartedly. Gus Duffy, AIA
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