Realistic 3D Rendering Of Newbury Shop

Away Travel Newbury Shop Preview

Comfortable, minimalist interior design, a friendly, inspiring atmosphere, and an intriguing view from the outside – all this is about our new project, a 3D visualization of the Newbury Shop. Created for our regular customer Away Travel, this 3D rendering accurately conveys his vision of a top travel luggage store with all the conveniences needed for a happy buyer. Let’s dive into this project together and find out how our talented team helped to bring the customer’s idea to life.

Project info

Away TravelCustomer: Away Travel
Customer type: Returning
Web site: 
Social: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
Number of projects for the customer: 3
Years of cooperation: 1 (2023)
Country, State: USA, NY
Project type: Interior/Exterior

General feedback of cooperation
The client was very pleased with the result and the overall cooperation. As our regular partner, Away Travel appreciates our team’s dedication to their work and relies on our experts for their vision. After completion of the project, he noted pleasant and fruitful communication with the PM, as well as quick response to comments and corrections.

Project team

  • Valerie – Project Manager
    Valerie - Project Manager
    Valerie – Project Manager
    Project management:
    • communication with the client;
    • collection and processing of project information;
    • technical documentation for the 3D artists.
  • Karina – 3D Artist
    Karina - 3D Artist
    Karina – 3D Artist
    Exterior and Interior 3D visualization:
    • setting up the natural light;
    • installation of artificial lighting;
    • building a composition;
    • setting up simple and complex materials;/li>
    • post-production.
  • Julia – 3D Modeler
    Julia - 3D Modeler
    Julia – 3D Modeler
    Interior and Exterior 3D modeling:
    • collection of available drawings, models, and references;
    • modeling according to drawings, adjusting proportions;
    • texturing, material setup.

Set tasks

  • Create high-quality photo-realistic interior and exterior renderings of the Shop.
  • Show the store from the outside.
  • Add the flag to the exterior shot.
  • Show the interior through glass from the exterior view.
  • Show the storefront outside in detail.
  • Partially display the interior through the exterior window.
  • Show the leather goods in the store in a realistic and detailed way.


Working on each project, our team does their best to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Our experienced project manager accompanies customers at all stages of the project, providing the latest updates and answering their questions. The dedicated team of artists starts working after receiving the necessary basic data, such as drawings, references, floor plans, models, textures, etc. With meticulous attention to detail and extensive experience under their belt, they carefully work through each design element, turning the client’s sketchy instructions into realistic and breathtaking visualizations. After passing two rounds of revisions and providing feedback and edits, the client quickly receives completed high-quality images or animations in a convenient format. If you would like to learn more about our 3D rendering development process, please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer all your questions. In the meantime, keep reading and get acquainted with this wonderful project.

Newbury Shop Exterior Rendering

The first rendering shows us the view of the store from the outside. If you have ever been to New York, you will easily recognize the classic New York style in this visualization of the store’s exterior. A bright, light display case showcasing the seller’s best products immediately catches the eye. A little behind it is a large poster with an intriguing inscription that makes passers-by stop, stare, remember, and enter.

On the right side of the large glass showcase, you can see the front door with a license plate and the EVA logo, which is a black rectangle with beige letters. The same logos can be seen on the two opposite sides of the shop windows and on the lower floor. However, what catches the eye the most is the large backlit sign with a black flag with the same message.

Away travel newbury shop exterior render Applet3D

The following renders show us the bright premises of the store, offering customers a variety of suitcase goods. 

The entire interior is dominated by white and light colors; different types of materials are organically combined in the design. The classic New York loft style can be easily traced: walls made of beige-painted bricks, a relief open ceiling with beams, and a matching track lamp base.  A special feature of the interior is an accent wall with a pastel-colored painting on it.

You can see that the lighting has been very clearly and carefully thought out to best showcase the products to customers. However, on a day, the natural light that comes through the large display case and semi-glass doors is quite enough. Vegetation adds life to the room – a rare solution for stores, but a very successful one.

The only bright elements in this “soft” design are the products themselves: travel bags and suitcases of various colors and types to satisfy any preference. Almost at the entrance, on a special table, there are goods in classic gray and black colors. On the farther shelf, we see products arranged in a color scheme ranging from bright blue to mint.

Away travel Newbury shop Applet3D

The next rendering shows us another room located in the back of the store. The first thing that catches your eye is the large sign with the store name. The same style design is complemented by new elements, such as a demonstration and cash register table with stone trim, and armchairs located near the window for comfortable rest and waiting for visitors. Behind them is the same accent wall as in the main hall, which is successfully decorated with a landscape painting. The shelves on the right side display a variety of goods, allowing customers to choose what they like.

Away travel newbury shop rendering Apllet3D


This project is a great example of how high-quality 3D visualization can take your business to the next level. Incorporating high-end, photorealistic 3D rendering into your store’s marketing materials will increase the level of visual content, make your products stand out from the crowd, and engage customers on a whole new level. With realistic and immersive digital images, customers can truly appreciate the quality and appeal of your products, which will help to increase interest and sales. Take advantage of the power of our 3D commercial rendering services to enhance your brand awareness and boost sales.

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Joey Rao
6 months ago
After looking at many rendering services, I knew Applet 3d was leaps and bounds better than anything else I saw. Julie and Emma were the most communicative throughout the process, great follow up, and quick to answer any questions. They, and the company as a whole, exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using them again!
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Nanci Warren
a year ago
This was the first time I have had the experience of working with renderings of this quality and I am hooked! Julie and Emma were great to work with, speedy with revisions and a gorgeous end result. Can't wait to do another project with them.
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Brandon Neff
2 years ago
I have been using them for several months to help me elevate my design presentations and I couldn’t be happier with their work. Both Rene and Julie are a pleasure to partner with. Excellent quality renderings, great responsiveness to edits and special requests and very professional team. I recommend them highly!
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Cassandra Brunson
2 years ago
Applet3D has allowed me to present high quality and professional renderings to my clients. Emma and Julie are both quick to respond and go far beyond to help me meet deadlines. Communicating ideas are easy. They just get it!!!! My clients and I are extremely satisfied with their work. Applet3D has far exceeded my expectations!!!! Excellent Customer Service and Superior Talent!
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John Doran
2 years ago
Working with Julie and Emma was a pleasure. They delivered high quality renderings utilizing the exact furnishings we will be using in the model home for our new 26 home project. True professionals and great timely service.
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