What is virtual staging and whether it is worth?

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Previously, to put a house up for sale, it was furnished with real furniture and interior items, and good photographs were taken. This long, complicated and expensive process made sense when selling very expensive real estate. Furniture was sometimes left to show potential clients the fully furnished space on physical viewing. Since an expensive apartment can be sold in many months, the total budget for this option can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And all this so that the client, once inside, was impressed and bought this property. With budgets of tens of millions of dollars, it pays off. Unless, of course, the property is for sale at all.

Now everything has become much easier. Thanks to virtual staging, the process takes only a few hours, it is much cheaper, and in most cases guarantees desired results. What is virtual staging, how does it work, is virtual staging cost high, and what are the main pros of this service? Let’s puzzle it out.

What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is a home staging process where staging designers take photos of rooms and then use graphic editors and special platforms to digitally add or edit furniture, accessories, colors, and lighting on these photos to create a photorealistic interior design. In other words, virtual home staging means practically furnishing an empty house without buying a single piece of furniture. This method can make an empty (or ill-furnished) space look like it was artfully staged. On some platforms, you can even make virtual repairs, such as updating a room with the new wall color or digitally erasing peeling wallpaper, to enhance the overall appeal of the home. As an outcome, you get prepossessing virtual staging photography without any additional effort on your part. Learn more about Virtual staging apps.

As NAR (National Association of Realtors) research shows, 82% of buyer’s agents reported that staging a home helped buyers visualize the property as their future accommodation. Besides, 47% of real estate agents claim that house staging affected most buyers’ view of the home. According to Mortgage Report statistics, virtual staging helps increase the speed of real estate sales and their quality, including higher prices (staged homes sell 73% faster and for 20% more).

Virtual real estate staging is a great and cost-effective alternative to traditional home staging service. This technique allows you to create interiors in several styles by adding or editing furniture, colors, different items, lighting, and other elements of the premise. Home virtual staging helps to display the beauty and potential of your space or the whole property. In addition, this is an opportunity to save time and money when choosing future furniture and accessories for the room. Virtual staging of homes is considered an excellent marketing tool and is very popular in the real estate industry.

How does virtual staging work?

Numerous staging companies specialize in virtual staging for real estate. By choosing one of them, all you have to do is upload staging photos of the premises on the company’s website (or send them in any other way, according to the terms of cooperation with a particular company). In doing so, you need to specify how you would like your photos to be virtually staged. In some cases, you can also choose the style and character of the room design, pick up the furniture from the catalog, and so on. After that, using specialized programs experienced professionals (virtual stagers) are digitally adding furniture to photos, including sofas, beds, tables, paintings, and other interior items to make your home more alive and inviting. Finally, within a day or several days (depending on the details of your project or company conditions), you receive ready-made home staging photos that meet all your wishes and instructions. They are always sent in a format convenient for the customer, so you can easily place them on your website. Learn more about Virtual staging companies.

Adding virtual furniture to an image will save you thousands in staging costs and will allow you to show potential buyers how the layout can work. If you want to know how to virtually stage a home, check out the video below and learn!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Virtual staging vs traditional home staging

Traditional home staging is a pre-sale preparation of real estate, the creation of a universal interior that will meet the tastes and expectations of buyers. This is not just about decorating rooms and a few high-quality staged pictures, but about a comprehensive professional approach to transforming housing, including design and repair work, as a result of which the property becomes as attractive as possible for potential buyers or tenants. The main goal of property staging is to present an apartment or house in the best possible way and make the buyer fall in love with it to speed up the process of buying or renting. The real estate staging rule for selling unfurnished space is to temporarily put furniture. Thus, buyers can clearly understand the house layout and the dimensions of the rooms.

However, renting furniture and interior items for a long time may require significant investments. The same applies to the entire process of preparing a property for sale. Not everyone can afford it. Using virtual staging real estate, you only need to pay for the creation of a few good-quality finished images, with the furnishings that you wish virtually added. This avoids long and expensive furniture rentals and maintenance headaches while the property is on the market.

Unlike 3D staging, traditional home staging real estate is quite limited: there are restrictions on finishes, decor, and much more. Virtual staging solution, on the other hand, can provide a wide range of furnishing options. Therefore, the design in this regard has absolutely no boundaries and is constantly updated with the latest trends. In addition, the process of posting home staging pictures is much faster when they are fully performed digitally. This item is also very beneficial for sellers who are engaged in the repair of the house for sale. With virtual staging, there will be no need to wait until the renovation is completed so that the realtor can post staged home photos.

Is 3D rendering better than virtual staging?

Virtual staging or 3D rendering: what to choose? Whether you’re a real estate agent looking for the best marketing solution or a homeowner listing a property for sale, you might be asking yourself this question. Just compare and get the answer.

3D rendering
  • Creating and placing various objects in the scene, such as walls, windows, doors, and other elements
  • You can immediately show how advantageously make a remodel
  • No need to adjust to sunny weather or look for a winning angle
  • You can show a building or space from all possible angles, even from above
  • Allows you to create an attractive space from scratch
  • Custom models of furniture and other items
  • It is possible to create a realistic images of even a non-existent building
  • No professional photography or high-quality pictures of the space required
  • Any design idea can be realized
  • Perfect marketing images
Virtual staging
  • Focused only on the installation of furniture in the photographs of the object
  • You can only adjust lighting and camera according to photos of empty houses
  • You need to choose good lighting or an advantageous angle for nice pictures
  • Limited opportunities to work with the exterior
  • Allows only to supplement the space, without significant changes
  • Limited amount of furniture available
  • Photos of only existing space can be edited
  • Good quality photos of the space are needed

Get the maximum result! Use 3D rendering services.

How much does virtual staging cost?

Each company offers its price for virtual staging services. The cost of a virtual furniture staging may depend on several factors, including

  • number of staged rooms required
  • what area you want to cover and what space dimensions
  • the urgency of finished home staging images delivery 
  • home virtual decoration style
  • the number of images with different options for furniture, arrangement, colors, and so on.

In general, virtual home staging cost ranges between $15 and $150 per image, but some companies or professionals may charge significantly more for their services, while others may charge less. Sometimes companies take a limited number of images for design in one order, and you need to take this into account.

Virtual Staging After Virtual Staging Before

How do I become a virtual stager?

Virtual staging is usually done by experienced interior designers, digital artists, or even realtors. However, a large number of modern programs for virtual staging allow anyone to master this area. Now almost anyone, if desired, can become a virtual stager. Still, to achieve professionalism, you need to have such qualities as creative thinking, knowledge of design and composition, color, concentration, some technical skills, and real estate marketing. All this is important because you will have to virtually furnish an empty room or improve it, and create the best option suitable for a profitable sale. Often, to become a good virtual stager, you will need knowledge and skills from some related profession. Moreover, you need to master several programs for virtual staging and follow the design trends to always be one step ahead of the competition.

So, is virtual staging worth it?

According to statistics, about 90% of buyers make their primary choice of real estate on the Internet and form a final opinion about the object within the first 10 seconds of viewing. Of these, only 10% can see the real potential of the property, and the remaining 90% cannot through the personal belongings of the owners, poor quality photos, or other factors. Therefore, the first presentation of a property to a potential buyer is essential. There may not be a second chance. Virtual house staging helps highlight space and makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home.

The obvious answer is “Yes”. Judging by all the above, virtual staging is worth it. Let’s summarize and list the main pros of virtual staging.

Housing potential

Virtual apartment staging helps potential buyers imagine what a room might be like. When a home is shown empty, it can appear cold and uninviting, which can turn off prospective occupants. Digital staging, on the other hand, makes the space cozy and habitable and helps potential owners visualize themselves living in. They can safely imagine what each room could be or look like once they move in.


Virtual staging solutions can decorate your home in any style you like. Unlike traditional staging services, where there is usually a limit to the variety of interior finishes and decor that can be used to decorate your home, a virtual staging service can provide a wide range of furnishing options so that your home can be styled however you like. You can be sure that the design will be made per the latest trends. Real estate virtual staging is also a good idea if you know your potential buyers’ personal preferences and want to create a custom look for them.


You can save over 95% on costs by using virtual staging furniture compared to traditional staging options. Traditional room staging can cost several hundred dollars a month, depending on many factors.


Virtual staging is fast. While a physical real estate home staging can take a full day or more, a 3D staging of an entire house can be completed in just a few hours.

Does not require extra physical effort

You don’t have to think about moving a lot of things inside, placing furniture properly, painting, removing or adding items, or decorating to show the property’s potential. Virtual staging will do it for you. Since it is done digitally, you will only need to specify where everything should be or trust the designer.

Saves time on ad marketing

Because everything is done on the computer, the process of taking and posting staged homes pictures is much faster. There is no need to first evaluate your home to get a quote and then find the right furniture and rent it.


One virtual view for a seller pays off faster than showing people houses for hours, so it’s very efficient. The smallest details are reflected better in virtual viewings than when visiting. Therefore, such views will be superior in quality, time, and visibility.


You have the opportunity to make any changes in virtually staged homes to the design and layout, including turning the living room into a large bedroom, an extra room into a beautiful nursery, or a workshop into a study.


There are a lot of nuances when it comes to buying property. It is especially important for a person how exactly his home can look like. But physically staging a house for sale pictures may take a long time. Virtual staging will help in this matter. Now, any seller or owner can virtually transform any room by taking specific steps. Interest in the virtual staging of homes is growing every day, because often, for example, it is not possible to visit a property in person. Virtual staging photos have many advantages and are becoming more and more popular, but it also requires great professionalism on the part of the designer to make the images as attractive and realistic as possible, as well as deep responsibility and mindfulness so as not to mislead the buyer.

In this article, we figured out what virtually stage a home means, told how it differs from traditional staging, named the main advantages of this service, and learn what is virtual house staging costs.

If you’re looking for the best option to make beautiful pictures of your home, 3D rendering services are the way to go. Follow and find out more.

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