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Moore exterior 3d rendering


Moore Residence Exterior Rendering is a unique project that stuns with its beauty and charm. Looking at it, you seem to plunge into a fairy tale. This is the case when the elements of modernity are harmoniously combined with the eternal and unshakable. With meticulous attention to detail, artistic flair, and the use of advanced 3D rendering technologies, our team brought this architectural masterpiece to life with bright colors, graceful lines, and fascinating textures. We did our best to demonstrate how an architectural idea can turn into reality and combine with the beauty of nature. So let’s move into this world of beauty and perfection and learn more about all the features of this incredible project.

Project info

Guenther Designs & Consulting LLC logoCustomer: Guenther Designs & Consulting LLC
Customer type: Regular
Web site: 
Social: Houzz
Number of projects for the customer: 5
Years of cooperation: 2 (2022-2023)
Country, State: USA, Bluffton, SC
Project type: Standart House

Customer feedback
“These look amazing. I like a lot the look and feel of the light and plants.”

Project team

  • Valerie – Project Manager
    Valerie - Project Manager
    Valerie – Project Manager
    Project management:
    • communication with the client;
    • collection and processing of project information;
    • technical documentation for the 3D artists.
  • Anastasia – 3D Modeler
    Anastasia - 3D Modeler
    Anastasia – 3D Modeler
    3D modeling:
    • collection of available drawings, models, and references;
    • modeling according to drawings, adjusting proportions;
    • texturing, material setup.
  • Max – 3D Artist
    Max - 3D Artist
    Max – 3D Artist
    3D visualization:
    • setting up the natural light;
    • installation of artificial lighting;
    • building a composition;
    • setting up simple and complex materials;
    • post-production.

Set tasks

  • Show a vacation home near a lake or river.
  • Show cottage in the style of fishing and hunting.
  • Make a cottage with access to the river.
  • Create high-quality residence exterior renderings in day settings.
  • Show the residence from two angles: the front facade and the back facade.
  • Show the cottage in the light of early dawn.


We have been working with this client for a long time and managed to gain his trust. That’s why he entrusted us with his new project, listened to our ideas and advice. He gave us the opportunity to recreate the project as seen by a 3D visualizer. In the process, we also took into account all his requirements and wishes. The client provided us with all the necessary materials, such as references, plans, and so on, with which we worked in the future. Our project manager kept in constant communication with him, asking and answering questions. The client went through two stages of reviews, and after revisions and approvals, he received the finished result, which he was satisfied with.

Fishing and Hunting-Style Cottage Exterior Rendering

In the first rendering created by our specialists, we can see a wonderful view of the rear facade of the fishing and hunting-style cottage. Due to its location on the river bank, it is a great place for a family vacation. 

A special feature of the house is its large panoramic windows, which offer an incredible view of the river. Thanks to this, you can also see the interior design of the house. It is a combination of light walls, dark wood design elements, and furniture made of light materials to match the walls. The atmosphere, both interior and exterior, looks very cozy and inviting.

The cottage is surrounded by a huge amount of vegetation – in addition to trees of various types and sizes, we also see a lot of well-groomed flowering bushes. On the right side, there is also a place for a fire pit surrounded by green outdoor chairs, where you can comfortably relax while enjoying the surrounding views. A convenient descent leads to the river from the house. The path, which turns into a beautiful stone staircase, is illuminated by small street lamps. Pleasant dawn lighting makes this place even more enchanting.

To add realism to the image, our artists worked with special attention on the water, visualizing the natural movement of the wind on the surface and the reflection of the cottage on it. They also added such details as smoke from the chimney, clouds, and house lights.

Moore exterior 3d rendering

While the first rendering mostly shows us the back facade of the house surrounded by a lot of vegetation and with access to the river, in the other renderings we can already better see the elements of its exterior design. Now we have an incredibly beautiful view of the front facade of the cottage. The light of the first rays of the sun shimmers on the walls.

We can see that the cottage is divided into two separate parts, which are accessed by a driveway. The houses have light walls and siding made of wood bark and stones. On this side, we see standard-sized windows framed with red frames. The trim and brackets are made of semi-transparent stain wood. The shutters on the windows, the entrance, and the garage doors are made of dark wood. All artificial light in the house and on the street is slightly suppressed.

Moore exterior Applet3D

Pleasant and long-term cooperation with our clients allows us to provide them with some nice bonuses. For this project, we created two additional renders to better show the space between the two houses. As in the previous cottage renders, every detail was carefully thought out and worked out by our artists. From the leaves on the trees and flowers on the bushes to the car in the foreground, everything makes you feel like you are right there in this magical place.

Closeups are a type of 3D rendering that help you better showcase a particular element or corner of a space. In this way, you can help your client see the whole picture of the project.

Moore exterior rendering

While the first of these two renderings simply shows us this side of the house closer, as if you were almost at the door, rather than looking at the house from afar, the second shows us something that has been out of reach of our eyes until now. This is the space between the two houses, which is located on the left behind the car. We can see the familiar tree, where every leaf can now be seen, a bush with lovely pink and purple flowers, and a part of the house on the right. Thanks to this closeup, you can now better see the finish of the house, the details on the windows and the driveway. It’s the only way you could find out that the tree below is illuminated, and on the left side, there is a wooden staircase same color as the railing. Combining these two types of rendering is a great solution for visualizing your project.

Moore exterior 3drendering


This cottage by the river is a true embodiment of beauty, comfort, and coziness. Here you can spend your unforgettable time with your family, have a good rest and enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. Surrounded by nature, this house inspires you with pleasure and a pleasant feeling of peace from the first seconds of contemplation.

For the Applet3D team, this project was a unique experience that gave us pleasure and reminded us why we are constantly developing and striving for the best results. If you also liked this project and are ready to entrust your idea to professionals, order our 3D exterior redesign services. Fill out the form on our website and get a free quote today!

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Joey Rao
3 months ago
After looking at many rendering services, I knew Applet 3d was leaps and bounds better than anything else I saw. Julie and Emma were the most communicative throughout the process, great follow up, and quick to answer any questions. They, and the company as a whole, exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be using them again!
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Nanci Warren
a year ago
This was the first time I have had the experience of working with renderings of this quality and I am hooked! Julie and Emma were great to work with, speedy with revisions and a gorgeous end result. Can't wait to do another project with them.
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Brandon Neff
a year ago
I have been using them for several months to help me elevate my design presentations and I couldn’t be happier with their work. Both Rene and Julie are a pleasure to partner with. Excellent quality renderings, great responsiveness to edits and special requests and very professional team. I recommend them highly!
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Cassandra Brunson
a year ago
Applet3D has allowed me to present high quality and professional renderings to my clients. Emma and Julie are both quick to respond and go far beyond to help me meet deadlines. Communicating ideas are easy. They just get it!!!! My clients and I are extremely satisfied with their work. Applet3D has far exceeded my expectations!!!! Excellent Customer Service and Superior Talent!
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Amanda Reid
2 years ago
I'm a designer and hired Applet3D to prepare some 3d renderings for my client and was beyond impressed. The renderings excellent quality and perfectly convey my design. The team was very responsive, professional and a easy to work with. Quick turn around and fairly priced. I plan to use them again and would definitely recommend them for all of your 3D needs.
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