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What could be better than using professional and favorite CAD software from anywhere in the world and without having to download it to your PC? For this purpose and for the maximum convenience of users, CAD software is made available online. We will talk about free CAD online software further. Here you will find a table with basic data and a detailed description of each online CAD program. Read also about the Best free CAD software.

Free online CAD drawing software

NameCostLevelLast version
AutoCAD WebFreeFor professionals, beginners, and amateurs2021
TinkerCADFree for studentsFor beginners2021
SelfCADFreeFor beginners and amateurs2020
SketchUp FreeFreeFor beginners and professionals2021
VectaryFreeFor professionals2021
SmartDrawFreeFor professionals and amateurs2020
OnshapeFree for students and teachersFor professionals2021

Free online CAD programs in details

1. AutoCad Web


Level: For professionals, beginners, and amateurs

Cost: Free

In this list, AutoCAD is not just in the first place. This is a truly unique free online drafting program that properly meets all the needs of users. Autodesk not only offers a free version of the program but also allows you to use it online. Using AutoCAD as an online drafting tool, you can use all the basic tools and commands for drawing AutoCAD. With this free online drafting software, you also have access to DWG files and can update and share them online.

The web version of AutoCAD has a simplified interface, so even beginners can work with it. AutoCAD Web is only available with an AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT subscription. The online free CAD software is also available on Apple iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android mobile devices.

Learn more about AutoCAD as 3D rendering software.

2. TinkerCAD


Level: For beginners

Cost: Free

TinkerCAD rightfully occupies the second position as online CAD software free. Tinkercad is a simple web-based 3D design application. This free CAD software online works on the principle of dragging and dropping 3D shapes onto a working grid and then modifying them. All you need to work is the Internet with good speed and an input device (mouse, tablet, even a laptop trackpad will do). The free online drafting program has a collection of video tutorials on creating high-precision models.

Being a web-based service, Tinkercad also gives you the ability to work on your projects from different devices and allows multiple people to work on projects at once. This simple CAD online program provides many ways to create models. You can create your own designs or edit the finished models of other Tinkercad users, as well as import and edit models from any other programs in .stl, .obj and .svg format. Right from the free online CAD drawing software, you can export your models for 3D printing, or download and print other users’ models.

3. SelfCAD

Salf cad

Level: For beginners and amateurs

Cost: Free for students

SelfCAD is software for computer-aided design based on a polygonal mesh. With free drafting software online, you can create complete elements for 3D modeling and 3D printing. This 3D CAD program is very easy to use and can be mastered in a few hours. 

This free online drafting tool works both in the browser and in the cloud. It is supported on Windows 7, 8, and 10, macOS, and Linux on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web browsers. The free CAD drawing online program contains many tools for creation and modification. SelfCAD has an extensive library of objects and parts. It is possible to import models in different formats from other 3D design programs. Finally, the free online CAD program has step-by-step guides that are very useful in learning.

4. SketchUp Free

Sketchup logo

Level: For professionals and beginners

Cost: Free

SketchUp Free has a neat and intuitive interface that makes it easy to create 3D models, render them, and save the project as a DWG. This version of SketchUp has quite a large collection of 3D models in the 3D Warehouse or uploaded by other users. The online free CAD program is available through a browser on Windows 7, 8, or 10, as well as on macOS. Alternatively, you can use your Google account to authenticate.

With intuitive tools for precise navigation and modeling, you can create simple 3D printable models from scratch within the first few hours of learning. That Google drafting program also includes functionality for designing a drawing layout and allows you to render the surface in various “styles”.

SketchUp users can use Trimble Connect, which allows them to post 3D models online, making it easy to access 3D designs remotely or collaborate with other users on the team. All in all, this is the best online CAD software free for beginners or intermediate users looking to get into SketchUp Pro.

Our artists use SketchUp to create Photorealistic 3D renders. Use our Product rendering services to see real results.

5. Vectary

Vectary rendering logo

Level: For professionals

Cost: Free

Vectary is an online CAD and 3D modeling tool with which you can create, share and customize 3D designs. Vectary is a combination of standard mesh modeling, subdivision modeling, and parametric plugins. Such free online CAD programs have a fully-featured set of tools with an unlimited number of models to exchange. Most of the models you create in this online CAD program free can be 3D printed.

Each model created in the browser is saved in the cloud, under your account. This CAD design online free software has a simplified user interface. Vectary is also a community platform where anyone can share and customize 3D models by tweaking settings or editing the mesh structure of other designs.

6. SmartDraw

Smart draw logo

Level: For professionals

Cost: Free

SmartDraw is a versatile free CAD program online that offers tools for designing flowcharts, floor plans, electrical designs, landscaping, organization charts, and more. SmartDraw can be used both online and offline (Windows). That online drafting program free has over a hundred built-in templates and various symbols for all types of CAD drawings.

SmartDraw integrates with Microsoft Office products as well as Google Docs and Google Sheets. This free CAD drawing software online is easy to use and has a good range of scaling features. SmartDraw allows you to create architectural plans, floor plans, technical drawings, office layouts, engineering drawings, landscape plans, and building designs.

7. Onshape

Onshape logo

Level: For professionals

Cost: Free for students and teachers

Such free CAD programs online are ideal for product and detail design. Onshape is equipped with a set of features necessary for CAD software. This free online drafting tool works on almost every system, even iOS, and Android. Because Onshape is a web-based platform, everything you do is instantly stored in the cloud, protecting you from data loss.

Onshape comes with three main design tools: parts, assemblies, and drawings. For CAD draw online, you can easily import DWG, DW or DXF files if you have worked in Autodesk before. This simple online CAD software supports a huge number of formats.

This online CAD drawing application offers a collaborative work mode. Onshape gives all team members instant access to the same workspace and the same data in one central location in the cloud. The best but simple drafting online tool for professionals and industrial designers working in teams on open source projects.


Online versions of CAD software are a real boon for users of all levels. Online CAD programs are a very handy solution if you are trying to decide on software for your professional work. Without requiring downloading programs and additional settings, they provide all the tools necessary for work. Sometimes they are not even inferior to full-fledged paid versions. In this article, we have reviewed the most popular drafting programs online, among which you can choose the best for yourself. You also may be interested in the Best free rendering software.

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