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3D walkthrough of the “Sims” was made for Joseph Paul. This project is a 3D walkthrough animation of a custom residence in modern style located in Oak Point, Denton County, TX. The video shows the house from all possible sides outside at the level of your eyes, that you can see even the tiniest details, such as bricks on the walls. Besides, you are presented with a real virtual tour of all the rooms inside the building from different angles to notice all the features of the interior.

Problem solution

We start any project with a discussion of details with the client. He provides us with the necessary information, indicates his vision of certain details that we take into account in the process. We also make any changes at his request before the end of the project. Accordingly, to create this video, the client provided us with the following detailed floor plan schemes.

The diagrams show 2 floors with indications of where the rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, toilets, bathrooms, and 2 garages for cars should be located. In addition, the lines on them show the way of the camera, which allowed us to better understand what the 3D walkthrough video should look like. Preparing it, we divide the house into specific zones so that the model looks more accurate and put together. Therefore, our team modeled the house according to these zones. This gives the impression of a transition between rooms and the ability to view them from all sides.

Interior and floor plans

Now, let’s go inside into this beautiful residence. As you can see, the design is made in white&black tones. The first floor has a large combined foyer and a dining room with a kitchen. Also, there are located Master Bath, 3 W.I.C., Master Suite, 2 Bathrooms, Bedroom, JR Master Suite, Library, Powder Room, 1 and 3 car garages. The second floor is much smaller than the first, it only has a wet bar, exercise room, and powder room. The whole house except the library has white walls. The library walls are in black. Windows frames, some lamps, countertops are in black too. Ceiling beams, floors, furniture mostly in white oak. The virtual tour conveys all the pleasant atmosphere and comfort of home. Read more about our Interior rendering services.

Sims Foyer, Dining room, Kitchen interior image
Sims wic interior image
Sims second floor wet bar interior image


A distinctive feature of this house is its appearance. It is worth paying attention to the 3D exterior design. A distinctive feature of this house is its appearance. It is worth paying attention to the exterior design. Following our video, you can see with your own eyes the successful combination of painted white brick and light stacked stone on the house walls. It is worth noting the dark shingles and black porch roof, as well as the black gutters around, which emphasize the modern style of the building. Tinted windows and black frames on them create a feeling of comfort, not allowing bright light to penetrate. You can learn more about our Exterior rendering services.

Sims front exterior image


With our high-quality 3D rendering walkthrough video, you can see a huge green lawn space on the property, that can serve as a barbecue place, benches for rest, or outdoor activities. There are lots of decorative bushes and flowers around the house that successfully complement its appearance. The paths that support the overall light style of the house fit perfectly into the landscape design, too. Great place to live here for a big family.


We create our 3D architectural walkthrough with special attention to all the wishes and edits of the client to make such a virtual walk as realistic and exciting as possible. “Sims” is designed with a strong sense of atmosphere and modern trends. We tried to follow you through this incredible tour and pay your attention to the most interesting characteristics of the residence.

You can order such a 3D walkthrough for your personal project.  

Author of Applet 3D articles. In passion about art, so writing about design, architecture, the animation is a great chance to enjoy my work. Rule of life - set little goals but achieve big results.

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steve ashby
a month ago
Working with Rene and Julie and the rest of the staff has been great. They are quick to respond with answers to questions and very professional to work with. I would highly recommend working with them. Definitely worth a phone call to hear what they have to offer. Very happy.
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Amanda Reid
a month ago
I'm a designer and hired Applet3D to prepare some 3d renderings for my client and was beyond impressed. The renderings excellent quality and perfectly convey my design. The team was very responsive, professional and a easy to work with. Quick turn around and fairly priced. I plan to use them again and would definitely recommend them for all of your 3D needs.
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Jennifer Farris
a month ago
We have just started working with this team but so far it has been amazing. Very quick response time, detailed and accurate rendeirng and reasonable pricing. They were able to pivot with us when a client changed a design mid-steam and that is always appreciated.
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Arya Adelipour
3 weeks ago
The Applet3D team is extremely professional and insightful. They delivered on our expectations and more! We look forward to working with them on more upcoming projects. Keep up the good work!
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Renaldo Pesson
a month ago
we have worked with many others in the past, but that is over now after several projects with this group. They have been there for us at every turn no matter the urgency. Our buck stops here and it is well spent!!.
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