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Exterior house design software is the main tool for architects and designers to create an outstanding and attractive exterior. Thanks to any professional exterior home design app, it becomes much easier to achieve photorealism of the image. The result can be striking! But sometimes it may be difficult to choose the right home exterior home design software that can help you get the desired result right away. So below you can find the top of the best exterior design software in 2022, that may suit you best. Information is relevant for 2022.

Best home exterior design apps in 2022

NamePriceLevelOSLast version
3ds Max$1,700/year.
Free trial
For professionalsWindows2022
Free trial
For professionals and beginnersWindows, macOS, Linux2021
Lumion 3DFrom €1499/licenseFor professionalsWindows2021
Free trial
For professionalsWindows, macOS2022
SketchUpFrom €109/year.
Free version
For professionals and beginnersWindows, macOS, Linux2021
CedreoFreeFor professionals and amateursWindows, macOS2022
Provia VisualizerFreeFor beginners and amateursWindows2020
Dream DesignerFreeFor beginners and amateursWindows2020
Menards Design-It-CenterFreeFor professionals and amateursWindows, macOS2021
HoverFree trialFor beginners and amateursWindows, macOS, Android2022
Virtual Architect$99.99For professionals, beginners, and amateursWindows2021
Lumion LiveSyncFreeFor professionals and amateursWindows2019
Live Home 3DFrom $19.99/feature. Free trial and free versionFor professionals, amateurs, and beginnersWindows, macOS2020
Planner 5DFreeFor amateurs and beginnersWindows, macOS2021
Dream PlanFree for non-commercial useFor professionals, beginners, and amateursWindows2020
RoomsketcherFree subscriptionFor beginners and amateursWindows2021
Alside VisualizerFreeFor professionals and amateursWindows, macOS2021
GAF Virtual RemodelerFreeFor professionals and amateursOnline2020
CertaProFreeFor beginners and amateursOnline2019
Adobe Photoshop$20.99/month. Free trialFor professionals and amateursWindows, macOS2022

Exterior rendering software in details

1. 3ds Max

3ds max logo

Price: $1,700 per year, with a free 30-day trial

Level: For professionals

OS: Windows

As completely universal software, 3ds Max is a great choice for designers and architects. The exterior design app focused on the creation of 3D objects, special effects, and architectural visualization. Read more details about this and other Architecture rendering software.

The toolkit of the home exterior design app contains everything you need for rendering: there is a library of ready-made models, materials, lighting effects, textures, and much more. Using this exterior visualizer app, you can begin with the construction of the layout, determining the location of the doors and windows. With the help of virtual cameras in this exterior rendering tool, it is convenient to choose favorable angles from which you will demonstrate the finished project.

When working with that interior and exterior design software, you can model objects manually, or use ready-made models. The rendering process is carried out through external renders (V-Ray, Corona, Mental Ray, etc.). Each engine has its own system of settings. You can select the one that is convenient for you. This home visualizer has a user-friendly interface, so it is easy to learn. Definitely, the best app for exterior home design.

2. V-Ray

Vray logo

€629 per year

Level: For professionals and beginners

OS: Windows, macOS, Linux

It is impossible to imagine the creation of exterior renders in 3ds Max without the V-Ray engine. V-Ray is one of the best plugins for 3ds Max and a powerful exterior visualizer. Thanks to flexible settings in the exterior house design app, you can get the most realistic exteriors. This home exterior design software has been constantly improving over the years. It used to be more difficult to tweak the parameters for scene preparation. Now, it is easier and more capable of producing better quality renders in a shorter time frame.

V-Ray is one that the exterior house designer will choose. The software for exterior design has its library of realistic materials, which is constantly updated. You can also create your own unique materials and textures in this home exterior visualizer app. The exterior home design app allows you to experiment with graphics. To fix the texture, you just need to drag it with the mouse onto the object. It works both in CPU and GPU. The home exterior software is suitable for projects of the virtual exterior design of any complexity.  V-Ray helps create Photorealistic 3D renders of the exterior.  

3. Lumion 3D

Lumion logo

Price: From €1499 per license

Level: For professionals

OS: Windows

Lumion is a 3D home exterior design tool made especially for architects and designers. Lumion offers to design outside of house and build projects in a real-world context with comprehensive tools and effects. With a house exterior visualizer, you can use over 5600 objects, including a variety of landscaping items, cars, people, exterior items, and more.  

This house rendering software is very simple, with a minimal number of buttons, settings, and relatively fast rendering. There are truths and disadvantages in terms of setting materials, quality of vegetation, and incorrect light. Has a Pro version. This home rendering software has some additional features such as audio import for 2D backgrounds, real-time flight, and workflow.

4. Revit

Revit logo image

Price: €20 per month

Level: For professionals and amateurs

OS: Windows, macOS

Autodesk Revit is one of the best programs for exterior design and renovation planning. The home rendering software was created specifically for the architectural and construction design of buildings, layouts, interiors, and exteriors.

Working with Revit you have not only a simulated scene, but also a detailed drawing of the house. In the process, you can make adjustments that are displayed on 3D objects and in the drawing. This house exterior design app also works well in conjunction with 3ds Max – models are amenable to mutual export. 

Revit database can contain information about a project from concept development to construction. Besides, the exterior makeover app has a huge built-in library of ready-made objects. You can easily set the materials. But the house front design app requires a powerful processor. For beginners, it could be difficult to master it, due to numerous options. Revit is also great as CAD software.

5. SketchUp

Sketchup logo

Price: Free

Level: For professionals and beginners

Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux

Among exterior design programs, SketchUp is the popular one. SketchUp combines the fun of freehand drawing with the convenience of smart software. The work in this exterior home design program can be carried out both in 2D and 3D. The exterior house visualizer offers many professional extensions that you can customize for yourself, including the parameters of the elements, their cost, and information about suppliers. This service exists both in the format of a free exterior design program and in a paid PRO version.

SketchUp allows to: create special products for personal projects, business projects, educational institutions, and large architectural studios. The home exterior design tool integrates with other Google services, which allows you to calculate lighting based on location. With the service, you can make a layout not only of the houses but also of the local area. In addition, the exterior rendering program provides great opportunities for landscape design, 3D printing, housing planning, woodworking, etc. In this house exterior design software, you can not only work with the exterior but also create individual objects.

Learn more about these and other Best 3D rendering software.

6. Cedreo

Cedreo logo

Price: Free

Level: For professionals and amateurs

OS: Windows, macOS

If you are looking for a free siding visualizer on my house – Cedreo will best meet your needs. Cedreo is a great 3D home design program. The main advantage of the exterior rendering program is that it is rather fast. You can easily create photorealistic 3D interior and exterior renderings. It is the perfect exterior house rendering software free for architects, home builders, home designers, and renovators.

A free offer will allow you to discover Cedreo with one project, limited access to furniture and flooring models, and 20 realistic 3D renders. The user draws a 2D floor plan before the exterior house design software freeware creates an instant 3D rendering. You can furnish the entire project and select specific materials. This free exterior house design app is produced for professional users.Learn and select the Best free rendering software.

7. Provia Visualizer

Provia rendering logo

Price: Free

Level: For beginners and amateurs

OS: Windows

Provia Visualizer is a DIY home exterior design app, with an easy-to-use interface. You can upload your photo or use one of the many photos provided by the free exterior house design software. This home exterior visualizer app free will also allow you to save your work, letting you make changes over some time and compare other work. 

Provia Visualizer provides in-depth design and 100% personalization. Using house rendering software, you can customize windows, roofs, front doors, shutters, trim color, vents, and siding/exterior color and material. The only con is that the DIY home exterior design needs high-quality images.

8. Dream Designer

Dream designer rendering logo

Price: Free

Level: For beginners and amateurs

OS: Windows

Dream Designer is a home exterior renderer. It’s great for beginners. This home rendering software showcases impressive exterior design diagrams and materials designed by Royal Building Products. It has a wide range of customization options for most front elements such as exterior wall color, materials, windows, tiles, trim, and entrance door. You can easily create or renovate your living space with this home exterior makeover app.

Dream Designer doesn’t have any photo size limits, so you can easily upload a good enough image and get started. After you upload an image of your project, the house exterior app will display it and send it by email to get you started designing. Plus, it can be operated on a mobile phone, which raises the bar even higher. If you ask: Is there an app for exterior house renovations? Dream Designer is the answer. 

9. Menards Design-It-Center

Menards logo

Price: Free

Level: For professionals and amateurs

OS: Windows, macOS

Menards Design-It-Center is a rendering software for exterior and interior design. Menards visualizer software has a lot of features, like painting the walls, changing the wall material, or putting new shingles on the roof. In the free exterior home design app, the user chooses the specific feature they want to customize, such as exterior colors, exterior materials, and roof shingles. Home design visualizer also provides an extensive list of specific products and color options.

Menards visualizer will let you upload pictures of your current or prospective house. Once you upload a picture, you can alter the exterior colors, materials, and roof shingles. You can also edit one of their sample photos. Though Menards Design-It-Center has quite a sophisticated interface, it is extremely easy to use and efficient software for 3d exterior design of house. So, it is a professional free exterior visualizer app.

10. Hover

hover logo image

Price: Free trial

Level: For beginners and amateurs 

OS: Windows, macOS, Android

This is a new mobile app to change house exterior. The house visualizer  includes everything you need to create a first-class 3D home exterior design. Very simple and clear to use. All you need to do is take images of the house from all sides and upload the photos to the exterior house remodel app, and you will get a ready-made and customizable 3D model. You can then boldly work with it, trying out different materials and colors for walls, roofs, windows, etc. You also get accurate floor plans and the measurements you need to renovate your home.

The exterior home remodel app is also available online, or you can export your model or measurements through various file formats and CAD types. All materials available in the app are genuine from brands such as GAF, Alside, and JamesHardie. Add a stone façade, a meadow swing, or explore new siding color combinations with this software to change outside of house. Just take a picture of your house and design it!

11. Virtual Architect

Virtual architect logo

Price: $99.99

Level: For professionals, beginners, and amateurs 

OS: Windows

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design With Landscaping and Decks includes everything you need to create a virtual exterior home design as much as interior and landscape design. You can also use Virtual Architect as a front porch visualizer. The app for exterior home design offers a huge library with thousands of 3D graphics and powerful tools. You can create your plans in both 2D and 3D, as well as import your previous plans.

The interface of the home visualizer app is controlled by a wizard, which allows you to design your home exterior quickly and easily, even for users without experience. Just point and click. Technical support and training videos are also available. If you’re out of ideas, use a lot of design samples as a template. It’s not hard to achieve realistic rendering with this exterior visualizer.

12. Lumion LiveSync

Lumion logo

Price: Free

Level: For professionals and amateurs

OS: Windows

Lumion LiveSync is a free plugin that creates an online link between Lumion and several of the most popular architecture software, including Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, Rhino, Vectorworks, and AutoCAD. This is unique curb appeal design software.

With Lumion LiveSync you can achieve fast, high-quality house exterior rendering. One of the main advantages of the exterior house app is that it instantly provides you with beautiful, highly detailed visualizations of your architectural model uniquely.

Working in real-time, you can see your building while you create it! When you enable the LiveSync plug-in for AutoCAD, you can also sync the camera image between the two programs. This software for virtual house exterior design is very simple, with a minimal number of buttons, settings, and relatively fast rendering. 

13. Live Home 3D

live home logo

Price: From $19.99 per feature, has a free trial and free version

Level: For professionals, amateurs, and beginners

OS: Windows, macOS

Live Home 3D is an advanced home, interior, and landscape design software. This is primarily an interior design program, but it will also be a good solution for design exterior of house. In addition to a variety of materials, it is possible to move objects, adjust lighting and move around in your 3D world.

The house exterior simulator has a huge number of different functions such as work in 2D and 3D environments; a rich collection of 3D objects; the ability to create detailed plans and drawings; real-time 3D rendering; tools for editing landscapes and exterior; selection of geographic location and time of day to obtain realistic lighting; fast creation of roofs of the required design; export 3D house project. Plus, you can make changes to the 3D house exterior design and share the results with clients, colleagues, friends, and family. With this powerful yet intuitive exterior home visualizer, you can design your house exterior professionally and fast.

14. Planner 5D

planner 5d logo

Price: Free 

Level: For amateurs and beginners

OS: Windows, macOS

You have already seen Planner 5D in our top of Interior rendering software. However, Planner 5D is also suitable for virtual home exterior design. This free exterior home design software offers to edit and view your home design in 2D and 3D. You can use ready-made projects and add your own ideas and elements to them. Or start over. Also in the exterior house design tool, you can build a house by the sea or a lake and plan the landscape around the house: a swimming pool,  trees and plants, paths and lawns, garden furniture, and choose to light.

The free home exterior design app is available on mobile devices. The main advantage of the house exterior design software free is that you can apply hundreds of textures and colors in various combinations, resize any element. View created projects in virtual reality mode with Google Cardboard glasses or similar technology.

15. DreamPlan

dream plan logo

Price: Free for non-commercial use

Level: For professionals, beginners, and amateurs 

OS: Windows

With this free home exterior design and landscaping software for Windows, you can design the outside of a house and realize your dream home plan in minutes. The software is very simple and easy to use. The exterior home design tool provides several options for ready-made projects that you can use, as well as blank templates for creating your designs. Virtual exterior house design is offered by switching different views – 2D, 3D, Blueprint mode.

The exterior house makeover app offers many customizable components for landscape design – plants, paths, furniture, fencing, pools. You can also customize colors and textures. In this way, you can add the necessary realism to your image. In the end, you can take a screenshot of the design or directly print it.

16. Roomsketcher

room sketcher logo

Price: Free subscription

Level: For beginners and amateurs 

OS: Windows

A program for creating interior design, but also offers some features as an exterior home designer. The program is easy to learn and work with extensive functionality that allows you to draw house exterior in 2D and 3D plans for the developed projects. Most importantly, the exterior design program works online and there are also applications on Android and the AppStore.

You can either upload your templates or work with those that are already available. Among the components available for 3d home exterior design are cars, swimming pools, barbecue grills, tables, benches, etc. You can resize objects, rotate them, move them. This online exterior home designer can be easily customized to suit your needs. Among the main advantages it is worth highlighting: interactive realistic 3D step-by-step guides, plans are drawn to scale.

17. Alside Visualizer

Alside logo

Price: Free 

Level: For professionals and amateurs 

OS: Windows, macOS

Alside offers its own siding materials. A clear interface of the siding visualizer allows you to customize exterior colors, tiles, etc. You can use this siding visualizer for free.

With this house siding app, you can easily render every aspect of your home’s exterior. Created projects can be saved and restored later for reference. After the project is completed, users can create a report and view their project from different angles. You can either upload your finished image and start creating various designs or choose from those that are already in the siding app.

18. GAF Virtual Remodeler

gaf logo

Price: Free

Level: For professionals and amateurs 

OS: Online

Among apps to change house exterior GAF is something unique. With GAF you can design outside of the house online free. The manufacturer is the GAF company, which focuses on the cover of houses, so you can only work with its products in the software. However, you can also visualize exterior walls and trim, and make virtual siding on house. In the home remodel visualizer, you can decide both the material and color of the roof, as well as the materials for the walls or the colors of the exterior paint.

This exterior house design software is free online and is quite easy to use. Immediately, to get started, you are prompted to upload your image or use the suggested ones. An excellent plus of the exterior remodel app is the function of offering additional matches. A great choice if you want to update the look of your home. Also, a great exterior house design app for Android.

Read our article about the Best free online CAD software.

19. CertaPro

Certapro painters logo

Price: Free

Level: For beginners and amateurs 

OS: Online

If you are looking for a house siding colors simulator, CertaPro “My PaintColors” will be a great choice for you. After creating your exterior design in terms of color, you can either order the services of a house painting company or do without them. With this software, free exterior home design online is available.

The siding visualizer app is rather limited. It only focuses on colors and external material. The advantage of the exterior home design app free is a wide choice of materials, such as all types of siding, many colors of plaster and wall paint, all types of brickwork. You can also upload your exterior house design or experiment with ready-made images. Extremely easy-to-use application. Use this siding color combinations visualizer to make the right choice.

20. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop logo

Price: $20.99 per month, with a 7-days free trial

Level: For professionals and amateurs 

OS: Windows, macOS

Finally, this list can not be completed without Photoshop. Commonly used for post-production, Photoshop helps to create photorealistic images. Thanks to many features, the Photoshop house exterior app becomes a great addition to rendering programs. 

You can add textures, lighting effects, people, and anything else need for your image with this house exterior design software. Photoshop house exterior app is regularly updated with new features to make things easier and save time.

Use our Exterior rendering services to see real examples.


Is thereIs there an app for exterior home design? Definitely, yes. With the right tools, exterior rendering can be part of the design process, an activity that enhances your craft and the result. It is hard to find the perfect exterior software, but it will help show the beauty and personality of your project. It also can make your design experience visible to everyone long before the project is completed. After reading the list above with the best exterior design apps in 2022, you can easily choose the one home exterior design software that you like and suits you best. Interesting in 3D Exterior rendering? Follow the link, and we will tell you everything about it.

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