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Due to the popularity of online stores nowadays, the demand for 3D modeling and visualization of products is growing. Today, people can buy anything from online stores. And the creation and presentation of realistic 3D models and 3D images of products increase sales. Before a product development, designers and market leaders necessarily implement its prototype and visualization to debug its functionality, appearance, and forms. If you are one of them and interested in using product design rendering, but still have some questions, we will help you to puzzle it out!

What is product rendering?

Product 3D rendering is a process of creating a 3D model or images of various products, interior and exterior items, advertising goods, and online store goods. Shortly, this is a realistic image based on a real model. Unlike traditional photography, visualization of the product is carried out by using 3D software for an individual order. Visualization brings many benefits to designers and developers, embodying the idea into a virtual model and reflecting it in the picture. You will be able to show objects of even the most complex design even before they are released into production, or before they enter the market. This is a great way to boost sales, make your content unique, or offer customers something to come.

Thanks to 3D product rendering companies, online stores have a competitive advantage – buyers give preference and choose those products that are possible to view and evaluate from all sides. The 3D model looks much more profitable and allows customers to get more visual information about the product than regular photos.

An important feature of 3D visualization is the ability to “twist” the object, so you can look at it from all sides, zoom in, and even look inside. For partners, investors, or buyers to appreciate the potential of a future product or the scale of your project, it is very significant to show them clearly what the result will be – whether it be chandeliers, wardrobes, or new sofas. Final photorealistic images are mainly used in marketing and advertising. Even famous small-medium enterprises such as eBay, IKEA, and Amazon use 3D visualizations for the products selling. IKEA has created 3D rendered product images in catalogs, websites, and other promotional materials.

Product rendering advantages

Rendering products are becoming more and more popular in the field of online sales. It is widely used in online stores of clothing, electronics, cars, jewelry, and household appliances. Besides, it is often used in advertising. Product renders have several advantages:

  • Demonstration. The ability to fully demonstrate the product. Some stores and marketplace sellers offer 360° rotate objects on the photo to allow the buyers to explore the product. Especially relevant and in demand for new products.  
  • Informativeness and objectivity. The 3D model allows you to objectively evaluate the pros and cons of the product, thereby reducing the risk of returning it.
  • Motivation. Vivid 3D visualization and captivating animation are a great way to influence the emotions of the client and encourage him to make a purchase. 
  • Memorability. Visitors remember sites using 3D models better and later return to such a site.
  • Photorealism. Product renderings accurately reflect the shape and size of the models. At the same time, the creation of 3D models guarantees the photographic accuracy of the display of the object. Read more about Photorealistic 3D renderings.
  • Cost-effectivity. Maybe it is the best advantage of 3D product rendering. It is much cost-effective than traditional photography. It is much more cost-effective than traditional photography.
  • Time-saving. Get rendered products are most easy and faster than ordering a whole photo studio and taking many pictures of one product. 
  • Effectivity. Any changes can be made to the model immediately, and you do not have to re-photograph it again. Also, it is certainly an effective way to attract customers’ attention.

Rendering product design provides a lot of opportunities. With the help of 3D software, designers and manufacturers can easily try different designs without producing a prototype for every new idea. They can do changes according to the design elements of the object, its colors, and materials. The creating process is unexpectedly fast and flexible, so a designer is free to generate ideas. They also can try out many various concepts, without the extra cost, bringing the design to perfection.

Read about Product rendering software.

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6 reasons to use 3D product rendering services

  • The ability to show customers a product that is just under development
  • Creating realistic product 3D models or images without the photographer 
  • Tweak colors and materials in different variations
  • Create stunning marketing visuals
  • Empowering customers to see your future product on your website from all angles
  • Make any changes easily and fast
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Where is product 3D rendering used?


3D rendering product images are mainly used for advertising purposes. You can see such visualizations even on the city lights and each billboard. Besides, such product renders are easy to find on Internet platforms, magazines, newspapers.  


Definitely, 3D rendering is a great tool to create unforgettable and impressive presentations. Such photorealistic presentations may help to showcase the future product to the customer or investor even before the end of the production. It is more effective than sketches and drawings. This applies to presentations of architectural projects, new inventions, any technical know-how. 

Marketing purposes

It is not about only the furniture industry. With a 3D rendering, you can receive 3D products of any type. This way, you can offer your customers exactly what they want. In addition, you can show the individual design of furniture or any other object. This can be done both using computers in the store and the online shop.

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Who uses product renders?


Professional product design renders are used by manufacturers for various reasons: to demonstrate the object before it is completely done; such images can be posted on social media to draw attention to the release of a new design. Finally, with product render, you can quickly see several model configurations, including as various color combinations as you can think of.


Marketers need creative visuals to sell a product. By using visualization to render products, they can receive stunning marketing images and videos with no limits to the creativity you get from photography. 3D product rendering is the best way to increase sales and attract new buyers.


Designers use high-quality product design rendering services to present their design ideas. They use 3D visualization to display different concepts for one project, so they can get approval in less time and move on to the next stage.


3D product rendering is indispensable for manufacturers as it solves the main problems that arise during the development and launch of a product. This eliminates the guesswork, creates great promotional material, and provides a good return on investment. Manufacturers and designers using the rendered product have no fear that something might go wrong, and all efforts will be wasted. Because they can predict the outcome with certainty – and focus on how to get the best result. 3D visualization is convenient at every stage of the project, which makes it easier for all parties involved. Product design render can be used for many purposes, but mostly as marketing and advertising campaigns. Customers also benefit from product rendering services: they get exactly what they need. Above all, product rendering is a cheaper alternative to photography. You can use our 3D product rendering services, and we will help you to bring your project to life.

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