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3d rendering

3D Flythrough

3D Flythrough

3D Walkthrough video is a perfect way to show the client the real look and feel of their future home. Static renderings somehow skew the view of the room, so it looks more spacious than it is. The 3D interior Video eliminates such distortion and truly depicts the space. 3D Exterior video is widely used. We can create not only a single-family house but even a small town video flythrough. It will be a perfect final stage of your project.


What we need to start the project?

For interior 3d video: List of rooms that should be shown in the video CAD drawings in dwg format (floorplan with furniture layout, elevations,electical plan); color and material selection, furniture and accessories selection; If there are no CAD drawings of the project, we can create an interior renderings from pdf drawings with dimansion or handsketches. Also our 3d artists can create 3d rendering form the provided inspiration photos. Camera fly pointed on the floorplan a music file or references for a soundtrack; length of the video;

For exterior 3d video: To start working on your project we need the following information in .dwg format: Elevation for all views (front, rear, left and right sides); Floorplans; Roof Plan; Site plan; Landscape plan with detailed information; (if you want to show customized landscape that will be in your project) Color and material selection sheet. If the project contains outdoor kitchen or pool ,we will need furniture samples as well. In case the video icnludes animated people, water feature, dogs, cars we would need refernces for those items and described actions. a music file or references for a soundtrack; length of the video.

How is the process going on?

At first we made still images (several 3d renderings of one room or house) to approve all architectural details, color and materials. Then we create animation in grey mass to approve camera fly and other items movement if it was included into the order. All the changes you have should be done at these two steps. After the final photorealistic video is done , all updates will be done for an extra charge.

What's your usual turnaround time?

Small Interior and Exterior video usual takes from 14 business days to 1 month. Large and complex projects’ timing depends on the scope of work.

What is the difference between a 3D flythrough and a walkthrough?

Flythrough is a term that is used when describing the video that shows off the exterior details using the camera that is orbiting around a building along the approved path. A walkthrough is a term that is mostly used when speaking of a video showing the interior of the house or building, it is aptly named, as the point of view is similar to that of a person walking around the building.

Do we sign engagement contracts and NDAs?

Yes, if requested.

How can I send in my project scene, what file formats do we accept, and what file formats can we send you after the project is completed?

During the production of any scene, we use 3dsMax software which allows us to import OBJ, FBX, MAX, DWG, RVT, PDF, SKP, DXF files. After the project is finished we can send you a 3dsMax scene in MAX format along with all the reference files.

Can we give you the contact information of our prior clients?

The contact information of all our clients is strictly confidential and cannot be revealed without their permission. If you wish to see their feedback feel free to look through our portfolio where we have stated the names of the companies that we have worked with and further contact their representatives.

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